keep going keep going it's all I'm gonna get eaten I didn't see the Yeti run boys hey rod hey guys welcome back to another roblox and video and I'm here with this gorgeous young lady right here hello sigh let's play we're playing guys a brand new game that's just come out I think about week ago or so and it is called time travel adventures where you have all of these places that you can travel back in time to and you have to complete the adventures of the scientist man right here I can't remember his name let you just wave to us that dr. time is a new one that just come amuck can't speak there's a new planet just come out called mummy mysteries we're not gonna do that today we're gonna try and complete all of these naughty one video but today we're gonna try and do sub-zero that is the one we're gonna try and complete are you ready to go in look our fellow mission people are waiting for us oh look we're going to complete it we're the last two people to go in six out of a perfect Oh I mean we've been time traveled oh where are we going what do we have to do I'm scared I'm cold complete the mission oh oh it's very cold in here there must be in the wrong area Oh sound good I hope it's safe here this is 17,000 years ago all right well is an avalanche oh no what is that our death run Avalos all right I'm rolling down I'm down I wrote down here I'm down down oh no we got swallowed that we got swallowed up Oh what is going on I'm awake I'm alive I'm alive you okay grab a flashlight oh there's so many robux oh my gosh I can't do that I can't do that is everyone okay yeah we're fine what would I do oh no look the gear is all gone oh man now what are we gonna do how we're gonna get back the teleporter is now bro logs okay we need to start a fire orders logs I see him they're like in around in there okay can we only get one each I don't know but I found quite one out of eight you got whatever you got put it in the middle will create there's a lot over here where I'm running from just a lot we're working as a team you know I think we've got four right now all right no that's three I want to get four right now I've got another one where's everyone gone what is our team oh they literally just ditched us it's just me you they're the older logs are around here why did they write upstairs I have no idea they'd air out here just not even caring about us we've been added by a team they're literally just letting us do all the dirty work I know my looks are not going in there I don't know why you have to take them out of your hand okay all right we've got six I see one over here that's it we've done it me and you didn't why did our team run off I I don't know a good question left us they literally climbed about it or left us do they know something that we don't know maybe just put the log in go go go go get it all right we did it start the fire go on well there look I did it I had to get mad oh it's night time now okay good little back for warmth they're all back where did you don't go just a bad to death can you just give me a hug raise I'm cold oh don't be look he's trying to sit next to me you better move yeah you're gonna be in a sandwich we're gonna give you a cuddle sandwich okay okay okay wait why did everyone run that way oh it's a guy is he gonna talk to us well guys this our guy here no everyone's running this way look do we follow them oh no dad do not go down there we're gonna die this is a bit creepy everyone just keeps climbing this mountain go down there there down there is it's fine some locks for the fire it still says it what oh you hear the scream what was that somebody scream oh it's a Yeti oh I'll go back go back go back back away slowly where do we go I'm lost oh good did you get the snowman head Oh we'll go this way follow me is this follow me you don't fall down the thing why is this music like this are getting roaches these days yeah I see him whoa I nearly fell jump let's do this keep going keep going it's all I'm gonna get eaten I didn't see the Yeti run boys yes right very easy 50 Road rugs for what a snorkel where did he go get in get in alright we're here we're safe who are these people Alberto we can't leave this cave the Yeti would kill us get bow and arrow can we get one fire oh excuse me he's back oh he's at the door shoot him I got no our Gobbo diet oh he shot me he's going to kill us he's gone he left he must be warning us I want to go back to the year 2019 please he should stay the way she stays they're here for the night it's not safe okay no it's not safe I'm staying in here I ain't going anywhere or state I like though we're goodness it out no way for him no what are you doing goggle man i'ma shoot you come on here oh I shot him in the chest I actually killed him oh look come outside the caveman said they know where the core is was that oh we need this core to repair the teleporter okay teleport are they said they will tell us where it is if we gather some supplies for them okay I got this grab a bar already got one I'll shoot you in the chest and now to shoot you in the throat all right shoot and kill and pickup for rabbit what Oh what after shoot of rabies whatever others do all this one there you see one yeah the one guy got one I'm trying to oh man I gotta shoot for rabi's this guy better so why is he stealing all my kills more I thought of what this girl is doing is it get oh good they got it okay cool there's a really cute Imam there's a guy on our team with blonde hair and she's this run around anything you need to cooperate I'm gonna show we're gonna add Victor from Froylan then we're gonna leave our in the 17,000 century back to the cave come back I want to go find some rabi's oh why you always trying to stay away from me I don't like you the cave they said the core is in the vault what fall look at the girl look at her she's just but can't hide the vault we need the key i'ma shoot her come here I'll show you your face why do you think he in the lake but we we're all right let's go are we following him yeah well it's this way the arrow was pointing this way is it this lake where do we go oh you got going this way we're going to Center maybe I guess it's like in the center of the lake down the bottom right there what down down below I see it I got it got it nice oh you got some good action where you swim look at that oh oh whoa you get lives he says I had no more lives I get teleported back to the lobby not die that's what you said already I can't die you had one job I didn't know the water was killing me the water's cold I'm not good in his time down ok time almost did to you bear no die that's what maybe that's what that girl was smart she's letting everyone else doing so she don't die we must go inside to receive the core let them go first you go man cuz I nearly did yeah get your bow out she-wolf no that guy had his bow out oh no did somebody ask um somebody else guy why is he so slow that was our tour guide come on man it was our tour guide god it's not even here if I have to buy more lives with robux I'll do it okay oh that guy just jumped in the water oh no you can jump out you can jump out I'm doing it do not die no oh my god no lives left Beth yeah cuz that's it you got that was your one life you have o do not rough if you die oh he got it you got it that guy's a genius I know you're blind grass doing nothing yeah I love him good we got the core I'm so scared not like my hands are sweating I do not want to die we need to be able to use this to repair the teleporter okay let us through it's getting to night time on know that Yeti boys coming back runway everybody behind us oh we gotta go grass a cave yeah because Yeti boy gonna get us candy bullet take shelter in the cave before it's nighttime I ain't getting eaten I got one life left and I'm I want to live it you don't want to spend those roebucks I know this guy's good to go in the blue let's stay with him he always looked back for oh that he's thinking good care of us hey he's that next to me maybe he wants to be my boyfriend no can you stop we're in his seventeen thousand I didn't even know what boyfriend's were bat day and it was just me Myka do you come here ah why have a guy share my wife first qua look look it uh three musketeers okay fine what's these names give me a share house his name is dad Dan you Daniel Daniel Oh fine place to sleep all mostly right here okay is that you what was that you snoring or was that in a game that was Geddy oh yeah boy no look at my Daniels thing he's standing all the way he's taking something shoot me yeah he just saved your friend shoot him i'ma shoot you in your red eyeball yeah boy ah Yeti oh he's taking the blonde girl you can never tell we don't wanna go we saved the whole game take a yay just take care you know you do this favor it's funny took her out of everyone as well I stood behind this guy I was like Alberto save me Alberto nice date I'm like a game that was crazy nah no duh it was all right this year he has incredible power okay where's our friend go they're all here I think he has the power jet what the yeah he has been still the power Jim from the Yeti so we have to kill Yeti oh no it's never friend it's love look at it repair the teleporter I know he needs to learn how to run and talk at the same time Daniel knows what he's doing fix a teleporter Daniel but we could get out of here he did it he's got a lung what's that gonna do Daniel that's not no fixer that's not no fixer-upper where's our friend guy oh he went round the mouth in there easy slow there is I'm just shooting him come on friend come on we need to get are we gonna need logs cuz I got one way to get back to the Year 2019 where I can watch me some Netflix we could never listen to you are you nasty all right got my luck okay I'm going to place the core inside do it I'm not sure what will happen oh listen Kleiza brother oh she must have her bag she's eyes hit me back oh why are we turning red he's unstable another avalanche well I've only got one life left I'm running I know I didn't I'm good we're just stuck man we didn't die we're good he's everyone okay yeah I am no thanks to you my guys got so many out of me he's got so many arrows in him let's shoot him if you shoot him he just walks around with arrows in his head complete the Deaf run to escape oh my god wildlife oh my gosh go wait for me don't leave me you bad people oh what's this why is everyone running and I'm not oh good a good I say I survived what's this whoa this is what the fire all right I'm being careful all right I think what Daniels doing wait Daniel wait for me okay why am I so slow everyone needs to wake up this ain't fair everyone's gone we are did you lose Daniel Daniel you came back for me I love you oh so now you don't care about me no no kyu you left me oh my god how did I die extra life how did I die I bought me all died that game condos for 25 roblox Oh No let's get back to the camp we all died jump on the ice to exit then follow the guide where is the guide oh oh it's night time when that goodbye Daniel not in front if that if that Yeti come to me I'm a Boehm up yeah you borrow up you're gonna get boat in there I how didn't we die oh there he is I thought no everybody died though did you notice that everyone had the blue sock was around him is blood our blood is never a good sign as always about thank you no thank you big Eddie thank you the blonde girl and the blonde girl tell us I killed the blonde girl Thank You Becky what they are doing us have the gem what you cavemen you better give us the gem I might kill you every single one of you guys well looks like we're gonna have to fight them defeat the cavemen dude oh ah they got their clubs I'll bite huh you were gonna save me Alberto no you're gonna try and stab me they're going after you but you please this is racism stop I'm shooting him they're nearly dead the yellow health but once dead get rid of him get rid of that guy right behind you you leave my wife alone only I can here [Laughter] galbart Oh Alberto I loved you once oh don't hit me I killed a Red Dog this guy I know I nearly saved you by mr. sure I got him I got him could somebody shoot him everybody hello you want me to die I'll Drive hey don't wanted us to die they did they were just leaving us to die follow me back to the telepods do you not know he's nighttime our head man oh just shot him in his eye where we going hello this way alright let's say I just want to say we don't have a very good team no start are we let's go back now yes we fixed it we got conned out of a life but we did it we timed her out that do we complete it yes we did how do we know we've done it all right we did Sub Zero oh the quest guy time traveller you guys hello bigs I need I need you to complete this quest you still need to complete your quest what real quest now you gotta talk to dr. time Oh dr. time okay dr. time you still need to complete your question as well okay I think I feel we've already thumbs up zero it's gonna be the next mission that we have to do yeah so we we can do what one you wanna do next we're gonna do in this video but we're gonna do another one next which one do you want to do next I'm thinking extinction oh that sounds good yes who would do that one next that was fun there's a really fun game so guys wanna come check it out it's called time travel adventures bye guys thank you so much for watching today I really hope you enjoyed the video and we'll see you again in another rOBLOX video by you

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