WE MOVED INTO OUR VAN | Vanlife Ireland | Wild Atlantic Way Road Trip

WE MOVED INTO OUR VAN | Vanlife Ireland | Wild Atlantic Way Road Trip

We left our lives in London to live in a van for a year and drive around Europe. It’s something we both wanted to do for a long time and we’ve finally taken the plunge to make our dream of van life into our reality. This is me Tania and that’s Adam. and this is our van Jitters a.k.a Jits. So we’re starting our van life journey in Ireland because Tania is Irish and she wanted to explore more of her homeland. We’ve had discussions about this before where it’s so easy to take for granted wherever it is that you’ve grown up and you never explore your back garden. yeah and that’s exactly what we want to do. We were really excited to find our first camping spot right next to the sea we parked up just in time for the last of the daylight Literally parked on the beach, well done! [music] this is insane [music continues] going for a run? [music continues] how’s your breakfast? very good. How’s the view? Stunning. Except it is starting to drizzle now. It was sunny about five minutes ago then as soon as we get up and manage to make breakfast, manage to get out of the van in comes the rain and the grey. Well, welcome to Ireland. The weather changes every like two minutes. [cows mooing in the background] So last night, um just as it was approaching
Golden Hour we found this fantastic spot by the beach. I mean you can just tell it is absolutely stunning, it’s ridiculous. [laughing] oh, hello! I’m just hijacking in to say hi! [laughter] hi hi Tania was just packing up the bed. What did we just see Tania? We just saw three horses like just, well they weren’t galloping [laughing] they weren’t even close to galloping. They weren’t even trotting. As soon as they were trotting I was like “Look! They’re galloping!” but how epic yeah, that was so good. [music] Tania preparing our next stop. yep. Very concentrated. yep. Is it called the ‘Wild Atlantic Route’? Wild Atlantic Way Wild… Atlantic… Way… [music] The Wild Atlantic Way is a 2,500 kilometre drive along the beautiful, rugged west coast of Ireland. With 157 discovery points 1,000 attractions and 2,500 activities it’s said to be the longest tourist coastal route in the world. Needless to say we didn’t get to stop and see everything along our drive but what we did see absolutely surpassed our expectations [Music] Think about how different this is from New York umm like, actually being able to go [inhales deeply] and fill your lungs with air. It’s so nice. Yeah, rather than inhaling New York air, or London air. So it’s 7:28 in the morning and just woke up to this incredible view look at the sunrise. The colors are insane. This is the first time in the morning that it hasn’t just been cloudy and overcast. Yeah. This is our first sunrise. So gorgeous. Adam was fast asleep I was like “Adam! Wake up!” Oh my god, it’s so nice. [Sound of the sea] [Sound of the keys starting the engine] Your umm shirt matches the background. Oh, that’s good. I blend in. [Tania laughs] You blend in. You’re camouflaged. It’s a bit of a gamble as to whether
we’re actually gonna find a really good spot or whether we’re gonna have to drive away from the beach but so far Ireland has been an absolute GOLD MINE for places to park up and sleep without ANY problem. No signs saying ‘don’t stay overnight’ um so yeah, should be absolutely fine Yeah and you keep spotting them and going… spot..spot…spot! They’re everywhere. This is ridiculous. oh. my. god. What a spot. Well done! This is ridiculous. Ok so it’s now one minute to twelve and basically set Adam off about an hour ago. Umm to go out and just to basically to get some fresh air, to leave the van… and I said to him come back in 20
minutes I’ll do the kitchen, clean up, do up the bed, it’s a good challenge see if I can get everything done in 20 minutes. But obviously because van life takes so long, it’s now an hour later and I am still just making the bed. So just takes SO much longer. So he came back after twenty minutes and I was like “I think you need to come back later because I’m still not done” But just sometimes it’s just easier to get on and just do it yourself. Oh god, he’s coming around the corner now [laughs] He’s circling around [laughs] He’s circling around in his big jacket. He’s probably a bit cold um but I’m not letting him back in until the place is done. Here he is. There he is waiting for me [laughing] Are you waiting for Jits to be done? I’m actually just wondering if I can in to get my camera because I’ve been kicked out of my home. You’ve been kicked out of your home. Your camera is there on the floor, next to… next to the Huel I spilled. The Huel… the toilet paper.. Which usually goes in the bathroom but… sand…look at all this sand. sand everywhere. van life. yeah, anyway. Ok I’m going to get out of here and leave you to it. Ok bye, come back in 20 minutes. Another 20 [laughs]. Another 20. And there is the van mess. [laughing] He’s offered to make me lunch. He’s offered to make me lunch, his speciality – beans on toast Lunch for one is it? Lunch for one there. This is camping food 101. Beans on toast. What did you call yourself? What? Told you that I was about to show off my umm culinary prowess. Yeah, there he is. Look at those. Handmade, beans on toast You don’t have to have it, that’s all I’m saying. It’s delicious! She’s not complaining now. [music] After a night on the dock we planned to
cover some ground and make a way up North We drove some higgledy-piggledy
cliffside roads and about 15 minutes later we found a lay-by overlooking the
sea that we just couldn’t resist. So we through the plan of a long drive
out the window and decided to sleep here and explore the cliffs the following
morning Oh there he is. He’s come back. I hadn’t finished… hello, how was that? Wet! I’m a bit worried a bit about my kit (camera) but it’s seen worse. Epic views for the morning and just like the most amazing drive and we have set our alarm for what time? 5:30 so this would be the earliest that Adam has gotten up if we managed to get up
before 7:00 invalid yeah in van life Oh in van nuys yeah oops so we’re going on a little bit of a
hike and we’ve been told to cross bridge and this is what they meant by the
bridge so tony has made us epic buddha balls
for lunch I never know what’s in them and they scale I mean you know can you
come here tomato avocado with Sesame’s all over it only because like it looks
moist and then that means I seemed broccoli and then some beetroot burgers
and in some spring onion and then I make this like a tahini sauce yeah just gonna try and not drop it yeah Tiny’s really scared of dropping hers what I look down from I told oh we met
back a woman who lived locally and was a van life expert in a previous life she
lived in a van for 16 years traveling Europe with her young son she was kind
enough to let us in on one of her favorite secret spots for us to park
jiseok’s fine life lesson one trust local knowledge their mothers sat on
brown pages and were waiting don’t we we were delighted when back at
her dog Toto drinks at the beach to play ball do the sound of the guitar strong
yes it brings us back together though sometimes I wonder
cuz to me it’s just another way to neutralize mine from seeing the daily
weary for an hour comprehensive car a pencil iteration oh you can see tits in the background I
know it’s such a sweet Harry Styles Oh a slobbery no and yes I’ve all perish a
boxer and it just basically keeps dueling as soon as I try and drive away I’m wondering of something you could
look at yes hello
so what’s going on now that we’ve broken down and we are parks behind a petrol
station mechanic has come and had a look and the problem is the same problem
we’ve had before the simple than we had in Dublin which is something I’m not
exactly sure somebody’s with the coil these cables are loose and it’s all
misfiring hopefully he’s gonna try and fix this thing yes on the road for
tonight I was gonna say we took jitters to the doctors and she got half fixed we
were told that we would need to wait until we’re back in the UK to get a fuel
filter the replacement part we need to get jets back to full health right on
your driving shoes yeah so just been speaking to the mechanic here basically
the van isn’t properly fixed and it’s worrying because it needs me probably
fixed yes I don’t like driving a van because just like died on me any minute
yeah of course it’s very nerve-racking there’s a
mechanic driving off into the sunset straight from the garage we made a blast
ground and headed north to County Mayo for an activity weekend with big style
to meet with friends and have our first ever surfing lesson which we didn’t
really film because we were too busy trying to stand up after the weekend we
found the Lost Valley a beautiful spot around the corner to rest recharge and
finish editing our first YouTube blog thanks so much for watching and please
subscribe if you want to follow the rest of our journey around Europe so me really does without emptying the
toilet is a bit of a mission when it’s when it’s winter and there are no
campsites available and you’ve got to find a chemical toilet good luck
jumpin enjoy the the bathrooms clean oh it’s opening a dry and just enjoy
thank you no no peeking

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  1. Wow what an amazing adventure you both look so cute in your little van! Ireland looks like such an incredible place you have really made me want to explore it, maybe in the summer though!

    Did anyone else not question Tanias comment about the cow until Adam looked at her?

  2. Making Ireland look good guys! 🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪 – Tania you are giving Attenborough a run for his money with those narration skills

  3. Really Awesome, I really enjoyed it!, See this New Album 'Monish Jasbird – Death Blow', channel link www.youtube.com/channel/UCv_x5rlxirO-WKjLIyk6okQ?sub_confirmation=1 , you can try 🙂

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