We Took A Spontaneous Road Trip • Road Trip Roulette

We Took A Spontaneous Road Trip • Road Trip Roulette

we’ve been surprised with a chip to New Orleans and we planned a trip to Kenya now let’s take it one step further and take a trip with only one day’s notice it’s ladylike and we’re playing roadtrip roulette so we’ve blocked out two days to go somewhere to take a road trip somewhere we had this idea a while ago and we wanted to do it in a way that sort of made it really exciting and what what is more exciting than not knowing where you’re going until the day before right guys that sounds not exciting at all well it’s happening it’s happening this is our beautiful road trip roulette wheel nice pretty nice and as you can see we have I’ve written down all the possible places we could visit so we have fussin Robles Santa Barbara San Francisco oh hi San Diego and Palm Springs all these places I feel like aren’t known for either wine or beer except for maybe Palm Springs I was like guys I’ve never heard of these 200 hi in Paso Robles yeah I don’t know what those are a lovely lovely like wine cowboy country so in order to do this as diplomatic ly as possible we’re all going to spin at the same time so everybody put a hand on the wheel Ojai is about two to two and a half hours away depending on traffic we’re gonna be go to Ojai tomorrow and now that we’ve selected the location I have 24 hours to plan this trip fun for you fun for me go get lunch all right all right okay bye bye guys i’ma get lunch though there you go I’m gonna I’m gonna book the hotel phone [Applause] to book our hotels I’m going to use this app called hotel tonight you can see it loading on my screen here it is and oh hi there’s a lot of expensive options there’s a lot of more affordable options I’m aiming for something about like a hundred bucks per room per night which is a option called the Ojai Rancho in that looks really beautiful only is one room okay that’s not gonna work there also is something called the Capri Hotel ooh this is perfect the reviews are pretty good people say it’s charming clean adorable alright let’s book it is the morning of the road trip I am outside waiting for my list last night I packed up all my stuff popped into my suitcase I managed to book our hotels I’m pretty excited I hope the ladies are excited to hold on I’m at the office of been loading up the car that’s all of our stuff and if you look deeper inside the car we have a Christian up there and a funny right there we are literally about to hit the pedal to the metal I did do some research on Ojai activities and there is an olive oil farm it seems promising alright ladies honey let’s go put our butts to the tush nope okay we’re gonna drive to Ojai [Music] got very narrow really quickly jet rolls there I thought it would take like two hours down there we go [Music] we just got to our hotel the El Patio on vacation Kristin I’m here Wow he might have she’s beautiful there’s makeup remover that they offered the hotel or I’ve never seen that before the phone right now talking to olive oil [Music] free tastings and they’re open and I told them we’d be there in like two hours time France pretty bacon on it for use on it make it on it cheese on it make it on it see you got it I got a flight you got a plate look at that beer you can see tap and then the exponent which is 13.5 percent ABV so I also got these beers and then also the exarch guess who’s babysitting so lunch is done are you full lady you so full of anticipation for adventure oh oh so now we’re on our way to the olive oil right hey everybody hi you see I have the camera right now because we are actually gonna be speaking with film right over here oh hi olive oil company though I feel this Grove is about a hundred and sixty years old now and when we first found this property obviously these trees were already here and they make wonderful oil but it’s very strong most people in the US aren’t used to that strong flavor and that’s basically because here in the United States what we get when it comes to olive oil are the rest of the world’s leftovers so we are in the tasting room at Ohio olive oil and Phil’s about two liters not tasting so I’m actually going to record that so viewers enjoy a signature so that one you’re trying is the sweetest and mildest one by far even sweeter than our promo salt it’s like butter but it’s pre melted for you and it came from a plant it’s really good you taste afterwards got like a little bit of bitterness to it yeah a little more green peppery but it’s supposed to hit you in the back of the throat it’s supposed to have a bite to it and that freshness is an indicator that not only is it good and healthy and vibrant but that it’s very pure and in good shape Fred you’re into these balsamics you let your a vinegar person look at your goodies goodies I will lay my olive oil party we just got back from Ohio olive oil we’re back at the hotel we’re gonna do some chilling we’re gonna hang out maybe go to the pool I feel like today was a perfect mix of activity and relaxation yeah you know Tribble was great loved to dish as far as like random road trip road trip roulette things I mean this today was good because it was like we had a structured activity with the olive oil tasting and then we just got to mess around and so so far it’s been pretty pretty fun also Oh interesting town it’s a little bit closer to nature but I think that we are you yeah with just a few girls from the sickness the few girls from the city so tomorrow we’re gonna go wine-tasting cuz I decided we’re doing wine-tasting yeah we goin tomorrow yeah I don’t know where we’re gonna go though well before that we’re gonna do breakfast okay I guess we’ll do breakfast before booze breakfast before booze what do you want I want to be a rich baby a baby and rich I have no responsibilities but I’d be wealthy Yeah right I wanna be a rich baby ladies so I am behind camera Jen’s behind camera but Freddie and Chris and I are out of wine tasting you know I realize it every time I smell wine I just know again what do you smell 600 thread Egyptian cotton well it is silky though you can enjoy oh hi so I just went in for a dip pool filled Flint chairs the layout read the book loved being an old lady by the pool yeah I hear they’re gonna stay here now for you cheese crackers I just want to got on our second day here like part of like going on a trip is the fact that you’ll be able to just like relax and chill times done now it’s food time it’s good time we’re having a poolside drink at night in another pool yes pools cutest crap look at that little floaties like we’re it’s like we’re at camp I really like that the pace of this town ohai seems like people are friendly it seems like people are pretty chill the place where we went wine-tasting that was a really nice opportunity for me they just like slow down and just like survey the area and just like really appreciate how beautiful California is like I haven’t done that in a while I like the part where we sat at the pool for six hours it’s a good part oh you look really pretty here oh thank you all finger forever then I mean I definitely feel relaxed and I feel like we could spend a good amount of like a good chunk of time on this chip relaxing and I think we all kind of need it is bars road trip roulette cos picking a random location I worked out because there’s still a lot that you can do there’s still up you can find to do [Music] [Applause] [Music]

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  1. Heyyy I grew up in Ojai and now live 15 minutes away in Ventura 🤪 so cool seeing them in places I know and go often!

  2. Something I absolutely love about Lady Like is the diversity, you have different races, ethnicity’s, sexuality’s etc and it is just so great and empowering to see that 💕

  3. If they think there is lots of plants they should come to where I like the England the country side 😂❤️❤️

  4. Why is no one talking about Jen's knife necklace that makes its appearance at 10:10 like omg she is so cute <3

  5. Kristin would you mind doing one of your videos of one day there shopping in Vegas, I'm going on a trip and I like the vintage style, but as a plus size woman it can be hard to find new and cool things

  6. When Freddie was singing her song about fries the old couple in the background were staring at her 😂😂

  7. You guys should do the same thing but y’all go to 3 different places so you guys won’t see each other until you get back

  8. Spontaneous road trip for us is them telling me to get in the car and we leave and at night they make me drive while they sleep.

  9. I am sick and all I watched today was you guys you make me laugh and I love you all so much thank you for making me laugh💕😞

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