We Work Out With Nintendo Ring Fit Adventure For 30 Days

We Work Out With Nintendo Ring Fit Adventure For 30 Days

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  1. I love how he just pops out his belly or Beth doesn’t flex and then the next picture and he flexes and thinks it’s a whole transformation

  2. also if you think about it, isn't Ring Fit Adventure + the Switch cheaper than a membership to a gym for for at least a few months

  3. The footage was a tad confusing because some weren’t their actual game play. I don’t know, I played it for 8 days and I’m already level 40 so I’m not quite sure what’s going on there

  4. This game is actually really challenging on high difficulty, and this is coming from someone that goes to the gym almost daily. This game is a great compliment to an existing routine.

  5. What is the point of the challenge if you are just gonna stop? Either find someone else or don’t upload this video. Useless data.

  6. If you stay consistent with it you can lose weight, I’ve been on it for 11 days and I’ve lost 7 pounds. That guy with the piercing was obviously not consistent and really didn’t get the full experience out of it.

  7. But in all honesty for bigger people that certain things we cant or have a hard time doing is there a option that we can still play but still be able to do the whole game? Idk how to exaplain it but im still trying to lose weight i cant get to the gym so this would help me but theirs still certain things i cant do and some are the stuff i seen in the video. I really dont want to spend all that money on this if it doesn’t have what i need.

  8. Who else immediately liked this video when they showed Jared's cats? I did! Like the video for the flooooofffffssss

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