What camera kit should you take when travelling? | STA Travel

What camera kit should you take when travelling? | STA Travel

hey everyone so today I'm gonna be showing you the kind of equipment I bring in my travels and some suggestions or things that you could bring when you go traveling to okay so first up we have pretty much the smallest thing and that is a go through this one's quite an old one but still it's still a grouper and it still water at the moment it's not but it can be waterproof with the case and it's just a great little camera if you don't want to carry too much but you still want the camera with you then they go crazy great choice next up and what I usually bring with me is a drone and now this drone is perfect because as you can see it like folds up and down I say that and now I'm just going to be it folds towards out like that then there we go of course with that you got the controller so definitely recommend bring in the trim another thing that I usually like to bring with me is this old iPad it's let's meet probably like five years old but it's good for just like loading up movies onto it and just having it for plane pretty much and of course you're gonna want some sort of like DSLR camera and what I like to bring along is this Sony so this is great for like any kind of photography and another thing is just an extra lens so of course you know just throw that in there why not and if you want to get some maybe like shots of the Stars or something I always recommend bringing a tripod along now this one's really notebooks it's like relatively small and folds up quite well but this one this one works perfect I haven't had any problems with it so you're gonna want something that you can back up with up footage and photos onto you so what I'd like to bring is just a hard drive any old hard drive it could be a bit like a memory stick this thing this thing is actually really really good to bring along it's pretty much just a just blows air but if you ever get dust on your lens or anything or even worse unlike the sensor you could as ice do that and it blows out all the dirt when I'm traveling I kind of like to make videos and stuff and when I do I like to record some nice audio so what I like is the zoom h1 just recorder which is really nice as well because when you're traveling you want all small kind of lightweight stuff and this definitely fits into that category of just small and lightweight ink and it can fit in your pocket I always recommend just bring in your phone as well just because the camera on your phone people seem to underestimate it but it's really really good and I would just bring that another thing that I see a lot of people kind of debating is whether to bring a laptop for me I kind of can't go anywhere without it because I like to edit photos on the go especially if I'm traveling for a long time and I own like how am I gonna edit photos and post them so I usually bring my laptop if you can I mean mobile is quite heavy it's a 15 inch I would recommend a 13 inch laptop or anything smaller than that for traveling because this adds about my two kilograms onto whatever you carry so it is quite a lot but Kamiya's worth it anyway so I guess you can just decide to make yourself anyway thank you for watching and I hope some of this helped you out you

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