What I Wish I Would Have Known on my Disney Cruise

What I Wish I Would Have Known on my Disney Cruise

I'm going to let you know what mistake that was that we were making and why we don't make it anymore that way we'll help you on your Disney Cruise why hello there Disney cruisers it's me Ashley and yes before we comment on it I know what you're thinking and I thank you so so much for noticing I just got this shirt and I absolutely love it when you go onto Disney Cruise there are no real rules there are no guidelines there are like guidelines to make you not get thrown in jail or kicked off the ship but there's no like etiquette guideline but there's one thing that made my family and I look like turds because we looked really rude but we didn't even know that we were doing it we have since learned and now we just look at other people and say like oh my goodness you're so rude but to be fair most people probably do not know so I'm going to enlighten you this tip has to do with the dining rooms but not all dining rooms this tip is for the dining rooms that are located in the aft of the ship more specifically Tiana's for pun Dalls and animators these are the restaurants that only have one entrance but more than one way to get to that one entrance let's say you're going to animators you can go all the way down the long beautiful hallway one of my favorite hallways and dead ends into the restaurant or you can come from the stairs the aft stairwell lets out right there by the restaurant entrance so you have people all going to dinner at the same time but coming from two different directions well if you're coming down the stairs you seriously like seriously you cannot see but if you look down the hall like the atrium walkway hallway there is a long line of people waiting there to get into the restaurant but when you come up off the stairs it just looks like a little group of like ten people waiting to get in but know you're kind of up by the front of the line off to the side sometimes two lines form and then you have two lines going into the restaurant at the same time and the people in one line don't realize that there's another line that people are waiting in when you get to the restaurant it would be beneficial for you to just go ahead and go to the hallway the one that connects to the atrium go to the long hallway and get in that line that's like the actual line I'm guessing that's the line that's usually the longest it's the place where the line actually forms don't hang out over by the aft stairs you need to go to the half way otherwise when the line starts filling in and they're walking in and you're over here in this little group by the stairs and you try to cut into them you're now cutting in front of all these people that have been waiting and you'll look like a turd now they don't make you get in a line Disney doesn't stand there with cast members out there saying everyone line up in a line before you go in it's just common courtesy to form a line to go into the restaurant the line moves really fast if you get there like five to ten minutes after your dining time you will see that there's probably no line and you'll just walk in some of you might even be thinking what there's a line for dinner I had no idea some people line up really early like 15 minutes early for dinner you absolutely never ever ever can you go into the dining room early the only benefit you would have to getting to dinner early would be to be in the front of the line the only reason why this would help you in any way would be if you're sitting with table mates and you want to make sure that you sit in a certain spot at the table you can see through to some of the restaurants like animators there's glass and you can tell if they're done setting up or not even when they've been done and they're just lined up waiting for you to come in they do not open the doors until you're time to eat dinner if information about dining on the ship is helpful to you you can check out this video right here if you've already seen that one then you click on one of the videos that are popping up next – peace out cruisers

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  1. Your videos are awesome. You cover tips nobody else thinks about or covers and it's super helpful. Thank you for sharing. I also enjoy your sense of humor.

  2. I was thinking about that top. lol Thought it also went well with your comforter design. 👍 #DisneyCruisersBinge

  3. Ashley on one of your old vlogs you told us to get there late and there would be no line and they don't run out of food.

  4. Initial guess before watching the video:

    you guys planned too many activities and because of it, the cruise was hectic and not relaxing

  5. Thank you for all of your help and advice. I think I have watched all of your videos. We’re going on a Disney Cruise within a week-yay!

  6. Hey, hun I have a question is there a way to skip the line but still get a good seat or are seats more like already registered to your room and you are in a set spot?

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