What It's Like to Camp in a Hardshell Roof Top Tent?  Roam Adventure Co. Rambler

What It's Like to Camp in a Hardshell Roof Top Tent? Roam Adventure Co. Rambler

one of the most requested videos you all have been asking for is for me to do a review of my Rome adventure company Rambler hard-shell tent and I've been stalling for a little while because I wanted to use it for a few months before I talked about it and today that's exactly what we're gonna do we're gonna take a close-up look of my hard shell rooftop tent stay tuned welcome to trail recon I'm Brad and four months ago I installed this Rome adventure company Rambler hard shell roof top 10 on my Jeep and I haven't taken it off since and in this video we're gonna talk about the ins and outs of this rooftop tent just take a close-up look of it I'm gonna talk about some of my personal pros and cons about using a hard shell rooftop tent and this was their prototype tent which they've made some changes on a few recommendations that I gave them and we'll talk about those here in the video as well I think there's gonna be a lot of interesting stuff you're gonna like about this tent let's take a look now some of you may recall that I had a budget rooftop tent up here a while ago one of those ones that folded out and I did a video review of that and at the end of the video I talked about wanting a tent with much better quality and possibly a hard shell and so when the opportunity came along to use this tent boy I jumped on it because this is exactly what I was looking for now let's take a look at the external dimensions of this and some of the features and then we'll open it up the tent is 81 inches in length 48 inches wide and it's 11 inches tall which is a very low profile compared to many tents out there and just for the record no I can no longer park my Jeep in the garage with the tent up there but that's because my jeeps on 4.5 inches of lift and 37 inch tires this is much more aerodynamic than that previous brick of a tent I had up there and there really is no noticeable wind noise the tent weighs 165 pounds which is a slight increase over my last tent and while I have noticed the extra weight and would prefer a lighter tent it's worth the compromise for the quality of this tent the exterior shell is a black gel coat like you would find on boat holes however rome wasn't thrilled with the finish in this prototype so they are switching to an automotive painted shell in future models the shell is made from hand-laid fiberglass layers which are sandwiched between a quarter inch thick piece of high-density foam making it very strong and relatively lightweight I am able to keep all my sleeping bags pillows blankets all stored inside and it closes up with no problems the upper and lower parts of the hardshell are kept together with some stainless steel hardware there's two latches in the front and two latches in the back and then on the sides there are secondary ratchet straps which just give you peace of mind and make sure this thing is going to be nice and secured when you're going down the freeway now the Rambler comes with a standard rail mounting system that you would find on just about any rooftop tent but the challenge for me is I have the rhino rack platform system which it's got these really fat slats on there that go all the way front to back and that made it challenging to fit the rails of the roof rack in between those slats so what I ended up doing was just drilling holes and mounting it directly to those slats and you know what it's held up really well we've had this on some really difficult trails it's been rocking and rolling it's been holding up just great now if you have just a standard you know roof rail that goes over there you'll have no problems amounting this also I want to mention on the outside of the tent you'll see that there's two of these little hooks on each side and that's for the ladder and I'll show you the ladder here in a little bit but for me because of this roof rack it's gets in the way of the ladder getting to those so that it was something I kind of had to figure out and thankfully there's some little grooves up here and that ladder just mounts right up there no problems okay what do you say we open this guy up one of my favorite things about having a hardshell tent is there is no cover that you have to take on and off and sometimes those covers when you're out on the trail can get really dusty or muddy and then just get all over the place and it's really a mess this thing is so simple and clean plus opening and closing it is super fast there are two latches front and rear and then some ratchet straps on each side I think I can do this under ninety seconds but let's time this ready here we go once you release the latches and the ratchet straps you just give a good push to the front and rear of the tent shell and the gas struts do most of the work lifting it up so easy oh look at that fifty-four seconds that's under a minute that's pretty awesome it's amazing how quick that goes up and that's with the ladder all right let's take a look inside the tent climbing in the tent is very easy and can be accessed from all four sides as there are large screen doors on each side which is really a nice feature now I'm six foot two and my son who was with me on a recent trip is six foot four and we both slept comfortably for a couple nights in the Rambler but it was admittedly a bit cozy for the two of us we did rub up against the internal hinges a couple times throughout the night but Rome is adding a heavy black ripstop polycon material to these which will be a nice added padded feature when it's just me solo in the tent there is a ton of room both lengthwise and widthwise and this tent is taller than most by about six to eight inches it's actually 42 inches tall you can see here I can sit up on my knees I got ton of headroom it's really great for a tall guy like me the tent has a three inch mattress which I will say is extremely comfortable and if you're a side sleeper you'll have no problems in this tent and there is also an anti condensation barrier which is a nice feature but I will add that the many nights that we've slept in this I haven't had any condensation build up inside the tent the roof is padded which adds a little insulation on those cold nights there is a little net attic which is great for storing stuff and there's a few pockets on the side for your phones or keys or wallets or whatever the tent walls are made of 280 ripstop polycon that has been coated to be waterproof mold resistant and UV protected the zippers are sturdy and I'll say they're relatively quiet all in all it's a nice place to sleep change your clothes or just hang out if you encounter some foul weather now let's talk about how the Rambler is held up in the weather now admittedly I'm in Southern California where it's 76 and sunny most days of the year but we have had it in a couple of weather conditions specifically out in the desert we get some high winds and for being as tall as it is you think it would sway a little bit but I've slept in there when it was 30 plus mile an hour wind and no problems at all that thing is rock solid in the wind the only thing I'll mention is there are some strap handles on the front and the rear that help you close it you may want to secure those otherwise they will flap around a little bit now being out in the rain we've only added a couple times out on the rain and they haven't had any leaks the fabric holds up well there's all good seams the only thing I'll say I miss is you know some of the fold-out tents come where they have that little bit of overhang over the ladder so when you're getting in and out of your tent you're staying nice and dry you don't get that with this one these little overhangs of the windows usually those are closed in some you know weather like rain and snow and that kind of stuff I will say we have not had it in any snow but I'm sure we will hear in the next winter also inside sleeping we haven't had any condensation issues you know my son and I have slept in there no issues it ventilates really well but what I really love most is on a day like this on a night like it's gonna be you can open it up with those large windows and just get some good across ventilation one thing I wish the Rambler came with and that was a shoe bag but it really just isn't designed to have one on the outside because it kind of sits in so far narrow and there's not a place to hook it up on the outside my other tent had that it just allows you to put your shoes somewhere keep them dry before you hop in the tent normally what I do now is I just stuff them up underneath the tent it works okay what I will say is I love the ladder now if you saw my review of my old budget rooftop tent I was so displeased with that ladder this thing is rock solid and being telescopic it opens and closes super easy it's super lightweight easy to store they did a great job with the ladder all right now I said I was going to talk about some of the pros and cons of using a hardshell rooftop tent like this versus the fold-out softshell tent we'll call them soft shell what I do really miss about my fold-out tent is the room you know for me on long trips if it's just me solo it's fine up there no problems it's perfect it's comfortable but if it's my son and I or my wife and I it gets a little cozy also a softshell tent will give you a couple more features that this one doesn't you get that overhang kind of an awning with the holdout plus you get a zipper bowl and X option sometimes where you can have kind of a little room on the side those are nice features that you're not gonna get with a hard shell now what I really like about the hard shell is it just looks good when it's all closed up it's much more streamlined and then a big brick on the top of your Jeep it looks really nice aesthetics do matter a little bit but come on opening and closing this thing man that makes having this thing super nice I mean when I'm at camp and I've just had a long day driving just to throw it up and be done with it and no problems in the morning if you're trying to bug out quickly you can close this thing up superfast let me show you I'm not gonna time at this time but let me show you taking all the poles off the awning is actually the most time-consuming part of closing up the tent and it's really the reason I don't use them that often most of the time I'll just roll up the awnings it works really well there is a bag that's supplied for the poles and it keeps things organized the ladder closes up very quickly and there is a bag for the ladder so you don't get those dirty ladder feet inside the tent now what I have found in closing up the tent is I do the front part first and then I go around and I pull the rear down I just works best for me and then you have to spend a little bit of time just kind of tucking in all the fabric and making sure everything's good before you strap it down it's really just an easy day so it does take just a little bit longer than 54 seconds to close it all up and that is if you're gonna have all those window awnings open which I don't normally do unless it's a really hot night but you can see it closes up really nice and sleek and I'm clean I'm not dirty from some dusty cover which is really nice hey I will leave a link down below to the Roman venture company if you go on and go check out this tent or some of the other tents and products they have they got some great stuff over there a big thanks to them for entrusting me with this prototype Ted I have enjoyed using it and I look forward to going out and camping some more with it if you're visiting trail recon for the first time hit that subscribe button I'd love to have you as a member the trail recon team thanks for watching

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  1. You've got one of the slickest-looking, well-equipped Jeeps on the Tube, Brad 😉 Like a class-A motorhome, but with off-road capability! <lol> Thanks & thumbs up as always, Joe 👍

  2. I purchased the IKamper Skycamp and that is also a hardshell but very large as it too overlapse and sleeps 4 adults.

  3. Brad….if your not recruited by someone in the industry to head up their advertising, then something is wrong with this world !

  4. Fyi for the past seven months or so I have pulled up your content and have bought and started building my version yes you are a strong influence. and thanks very much for you desire to do video. so much more to say. but much gratitude.

  5. What would you like them to change or add? What were your suggestions thank you for all the Jeep reviews

  6. Just bought a 2016 JKU in Rhino Gray, 3.5” lift on 35’s!!! Whaaaat! Now I get to follow your channel instead of just casually watch! Lol

  7. SOOOO….lets just say for some of us 'budget' (Oxymoron) Jeepers does this mount with the
    Mopar Accessories 82215387 RACK KIT (SLATS)?  Do you know if the Company has provided feed back on the 'standard default' setup and/or minimum  configuration?

  8. Ease and good looks are nice but ROOM + COMFORT after 10 hours of wheeling are paramount. If you're by yourself fine, but I hope you kept the old tent for when your 1st Mate joins you. Great video as always HMCM!

  9. I keep forgetting to ask Brad, or anyone else that may know. How tall of a garage door would you need to clear your rig with the RTT mounted?

  10. I think ursa minor really has tue best design, very pricey, but how cool going from inside your jeep to the tent. I also like that one side of it stays hardside

  11. Just wanted to say thanks dude 🤘🏾 because of your videos I have been turning my Jeep into a nasty overland vehicle. I’m also broke…. my wife’s pissed…. but when she kicks me out the RTT works well. Keep up the vids !!

  12. The awning issue. It would be really cool if one side had a pull out awning like the old projector screens. It could be all self contained in the hard shell.

  13. Yiu took a 45k vehicle and spent another 20k to make drivable. The 4runner trdpro comes ready stock . Its it's a bigger interior and body and just as capable and has all the features including dislocating sway bar.Your doing to much with that box of junk man. Those tires to heavy. And that set up isnt meant for a jeep to carry. Many people found out the hard way. Get your self a proper Toyota 4runner or land cruiser cause you spent that much.

  14. I wonder how much did you invest to your Jeep? You are probably could build Aussie style overland vehicle.

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