What Really Happened To This Star Trek Actress

What Really Happened To This Star Trek Actress

As Counselor Deanna Troi on the sci-fi TV
series Star Trek: The Next Generation, British-American actor Marina Sirtis played one of the most
iconic female characters in the Star Trek franchise. Keep watching to catch up with this talented
actress and find out what she’s up to today. To boldly go Although Next Generation came to a close in
1994, that wasn’t the end of Sirtis’ work with the Federation. She reprised her role as Counselor Troi in
all four Next Generation films alongside much of the original Next Generation cast. Troi also popped up in three episodes of Star
Trek: Voyager from 1999 to 2000, and also in the 2005 series finale of Star Trek: Enterprise,
marking her last appearance as Deanna Troi. Though with the planned return of Captain
Jean-Luc Picard in a new Star Trek series on the horizon, can she be too far behind? “HE’S BACK!” Gargoyles After The Next Generation, Sirtis began voice
acting, joining the cast of the Disney animated series Gargoyles. From 1994 to 1996, Sirtis voiced Demona, a
villain with a thirst for vengeance against the humans that slaughtered her clan. While many fans who approach Sirtis at conventions
are fans of her work in both Star Trek and Gargoyles, she says that quite a few prefer
Demona over the more “passive” Deanna. Sirtis wasn’t the only Next Generation actor
that ended up on Gargoyles; Jonathan Frakes appeared as David Xanatos, Michael Dorn played
Coldstone, and Brent Spiner voiced Puck. That wasn’t the end, though. She provided the voice of antagonist “Queen
Bee” and several other characters in the Cartoon Network animated series Young Justice, and
a dog warrior on Adventure Time, among other shows and video games. “The stars have paired you with a goddess.” “I like the way you talk, but you are crazy.” Notably, Sirtis played Matriarch Benezia in
2007’s Mass Effect, and most recently Elena Dragunova in 2014’s XCOM 2: War of the Chosen. Back to sci-fi After taking some time away from traditional
sci-fi with roles in mystery-themed productions like Gadgetman and Diagnosis: Murder, Sirtis
returned to science fiction in 1999 with a role in the Showtime series The Outer Limits. In “The Grell,” Sirtis plays Liv Kohler, whose
family finds themselves in a moral quandary when their alien slave demonstrates an unexpected
loyalty to them, forcing her and her husband to rethink their bigoted worldview. In 2000, Sirtis made an appearance in another
popular science fiction franchise when she guest-starred as Russian scientist Dr. Svetlana
Markov in the Stargate SG-1 episode “Watergate.” In the episode, Markov struggles with a broken
Stargate, body-controlling aliens, and a mysteriously murdered crew. Of course, it’s nothing that Deanna Troi hasn’t
seen before. “Pain! Such pain!” She followed this up with a couple of guest
spots in the British hospital drama Casualty, and its spin-off series, Holby City. But that wasn’t all. She also picked up brief roles in a variety
of American TV shows, but before long, it was back to sci-fi again. Annihilation Earth and beyond In 2009, Sirtis landed a starring role in
the SyFy movie Annihilation Earth, as Paxton, the leader of a secretive U.N energy project
called EVE, whose decisions will determine the fate of the mankind. Again, not too far from Troi’s deep space
adventures. In 2015, she appeared in the investigative
thriller, A Dark Reflection, a British indie film directed and produced by former British
Airways pilot Tristan Loraine in order to expose an alleged cover-up involving toxic
cabin air in commercial jets. NCIS From 2013 to 2016, Sirtis played a recurring
role on the police procedural drama series NCIS as Mossad director Orli Elbaz. Elbaz takes over the position as Israel’s
top spy in the show’s tenth season, and subsequently appears in episodes during season 11 and the
season 13 finale. According to Sirtis, she didn’t have to read
for the role and was thrilled to have been offered the part. Sirtis told the A.V. Club, “I love to play strong women. I love it. Because that’s who I am. And [she] can kick anyone’s ass.” New life and new civilizations Sirtis is showing no signs of slowing down. Notwithstanding her time travelling adventures
in Sharknado 6: The Last Sharknado, or appearing in Little Dead Rotting Hood, she’s signed
on for a second season episode of The Orville, Seth Macfarlane’s sci-fi comedy on Fox. Not coincidentally her episode will also be
directed by fellow Next Gen alum, and former on-screen boyfriend, Jonathan Frakes. More than any other Next Gen star, Sirtis
seems willing to put on her Starfleet uniform again and again, almost assuring fans that
we’ll be seeing her again as Deanna Troi in CBS’ upcoming series based on fan-favorite
Captain Jean-Luc Picard. “Make it so.” “Sir?” “Do it.”

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  1. STD is not Star Trek despite its name despite the characters of Picard coming back..The Orville is more Star Trek then that show will ever be

  2. She was smoking hot !

    Then she spoke in her English accent and it crushed me ! Lol 😂

    Gargoyles was an awesome cartoon !

  3. Lost a lot of respect for her over her non stop slandering of DS9. It's fine to have a negative view of a show ,but she just wont stop. No wonder a few of DS9 actors visibly cringe when she is on a panel with them.

  4. She was likely placed in the TNG series as extra spice (typical with ST episodes) – obvious with her dressing. I believe her to be a horrible actor and wish she would be sucked out the space port!

  5. 0:13 seconds into the vid and already… "British-American actor…" She Is Greek, with British Citizenship, so more Greek-British or British-Greek Actor would fit. Hell She speaks better Greek than me and i live in Greece!

  6. Her name is pronounced SIR-tis, not Sea-ir-tis. Smh
    I met her in 1998 at a convention in St. Petersburg FL. She was very beautiful, just like on TV. She said her accent on the show was Greek (she is part Greek), and that's how she spoke at the convention, but her normal accent is Cockney British (which is really quite different than what we're used to hearing from her).

  7. I'd like to see an animated feature of the under-rated TNG graphic novel "Assimilation 2" with the cast doing the voices.

  8. Omfg, if you don't know how their names are pronounced, for the love of christ, look it up before making a whole damn video in which you frequently repeat it incorrectly.

  9. I remember her from the BBC production of Sherlock Holmes, staring Jeremy Brett. She played Lucretia in the episode of The Six Napoleons.

  10. Watching her on Star Trek I kept wondering what she would bring to other roles, roles that weren't so 1 dimensional. I think I saw her on a Law and Order or something where she wasn't playing a sci-fi related role and hoped that her appearance meant she was getting better and more varied roles.
    If she likes these sci-fi roles, well, more power to her and I hope she continues to work as long as she wants to/as long as she enjoys it. And I am very glad that my not seeing her hasn't meant she wasn't working.

  11. I remember the first year on Next Generation, she looked strange. After that they glammed her up and she became famous.

  12. The same thing that happens to all women in Hollywood that play the sexy symbol.

    She got older and can't wear the Cat Suit anymore.

  13. man she was fun, but also maddening in the character of Deanna Troi…  always wanted to everyone to talk about there feelings but refused to acknowledge she had any at all.  made me crazy.

  14. Wow she s really busy in a lot of tv and movies i m never gonna see. Am i the only one left who prefers real actors to c g i or h d t v or b f f or anime or whatever they re calling it this week you maniacs you blew it up. Goddamn you all to hell

  15. Interesting how people have such different tastes. She is by far my least favorite character in any StarTrek series or movie. To each their own, obviously. Frankly, she was better in other roles, so primarily I found her (or her acting portrayal) completely wrong for a character in StarTrek. At least that's my opinion.

  16. I met her a couple of times. Super nice person to talk to. Amazingly, I caught her at her booth at FanExpo in Vancouver without a lineup to see her (it was busy earlier), so I was able to spend about five minutes one on one chatting with her.

  17. I met her briefly once.
    I got the impression she is witty, strong, humorous, can be snarky in a playful way.
    In public she isn't Councilor Troy and I liked that. Good style, fashion too.

  18. Wow, there's going to be a Sharknado 6 and a second season of The Orville. I'm way happier than I was five minutes ago. Thank you.

  19. We've met her a couple of times and taken pictures with her, and actually had some discussions with her at comic con conventions here in Florida. I think both times it was Supercon, may be Paradise City Comic Con. Table side is the best way to actually speak with her. She apparently thinks I got lucky with my wife and she's way too good for me. So I better stay in line. Hmm.

  20. Deanna Troi was more like a commissar or political officer. The way that she spoke to the captain and his caving in suggests that he was only a figurehead!!

  21. I always felt, even though she was well cast, she was never best cast. I never liked the character of Riker – he reminded me too much of the pony soldiers who decimated the Indians – means Frakes played his part well and was the best choice for that part. I just don't see the relationship between them onscreen as realistic. Please help me to understand what I am failing to understand that I may learn.

  22. Loved the episode where Will catches her with a young guy, she'd been doing. Her slinky, sexy outfit was SO HOT. Pity she never posed for Playboy Magazine.

  23. Anihilation Earth – She used a HORRIBLE fake Southern US or Texan accent. It was painful to hear. Like she was talking through her nose. Blecch.

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