WHAT’S IN MY CAMERA BAG? Travel Photography / Filmmaking

WHAT’S IN MY CAMERA BAG? Travel Photography / Filmmaking

Hey everyone! For those who know me, you’ll know that I’m currently traveling around Asia and parts of Australia and New
Zealand. For those who don’t know me my name is Joe Allen and I’m a photographer
and today I’m gonna run you through a quick rundown of what’s in my travel
camera bag this is a pretty heavy bag and let’s run
straight through it then! First of all the bag itself this is the Manfrotto 3N1 Pro Light. As far as camera bags go it’s pretty hard to find the perfect
camera bag and unfortunately this one still isn’t perfect, but it’s pretty damn
close. You can carry a lot of stuff and a large amount of weight as you can
see here it’s also got a little tripod attachment on the back and I’ve pretty much always got the
Gorillapod Focus on here, but it can hold up to a lot more when I’m
traveling. I generally like to have a bag with two section to it. A top for
things like a sweater and food drinks and then a lower compartment
for your camera. I also prefer to have a backpack with straps on both sides with double
support rather than a one sided swing bag, however I also like it if you can
spin the bag around and get access on the side so versatile 23 this up into the top you see that this is the
210 and this just takes instant photos and it’s great for travel and have fun
really just have those instant memories and old analog format don’t always carry
this with me but I just happen to have it here I mean look at this place as
stunning as for the top you can see there’s a huge amount of area in here
for other stuff so often I will use my Sony a 72 which is actually come down
here and that would just sit in the top so quick access little led Mac likes this is perfect
places where you don’t really have any street lighting and you are doing late
night photos using this last night on the beach as I can carry a permanent pen
this is just a Sharpie I got a big appetite just wrapped around it quick access when you’re on the go this
is my drug doing long exposures in time lapses this
is the Sony mount mounts and you can check out some of my other videos were
actually use the trigger trap neuter what these devices to really glad to web
connecting your smartphone camera to do time two releases Manfrotto connection to the bottom of
the compact camera see got a mini tripod just sits like that carry loads of
batteries you may see me 310 about be a seven hour battery before it’s
shockingly call so I actually have seven of these batteries used a little things
don’t take long to charge up but a lot of them and one thing that matters is
they don’t come with a battery cover band when the battery is charged up a
little banged around it so I can see clearly charged when it’s fully spin
around and it’s easy to know that that charging as for my Canon batteries
you’ll see that I’ve got low battery cover quite handily there’s little icon
in there whichever way around you put the cover you know if I can or if it’s
not color plus the battery cover white cotton grey card in here just for
quick white balance these are accurate but they’re pretty small traveling with
a few sets of double A batteries cities will go into a flash unit or something
else that I may need batteries and again I’ll take this up with a potato know
which ones are charged and obviously uncharged I can then go and recharge my
batteries in here these are 40 43 the batteries are giving away what hammer
them nice thing about me is back as well quick access to a GoPro window mount
insert my featured videos on hong kong and I’m guessing on coming up as well on train windows onto the subway system
of sickness on a nice time lapse throughout the city and other things in
that sometimes I quite like to keep memory
cards in separate bags just in case anything ever happens and you have to
lose a bag or gets stolen or even your camera got stolen and if you have an
important yet maybe on another memory card in another bank so you can be
safest in two locations course it’s not ideal but security also have a little
cable here so I’m quite often what I do is lock my bags together doesn’t mean
that they’re necessarily secure or anything just means assault can’t grab
that bag with everything attached to it can also lead to something itself and of
course it’s got my name quite clearly on it this is just a four digit one such
record in an unlock it these days are just little those lips
together the reason these effects even more so because it’s likely or gonna do
it is never going to come out there again perfect because you could just get a big
set wire cutters and cut that off but could you imagine someone trying to do
that discreetly in the section of the back another requirement my back taxes if
they have to have a space for a laptop in here and before you ask the reason
it’s got a black top and because I’ve got a deep round sticker on a link to
that in the description customized various colors and textures anything I
just like the black I think pretty classy looking reminds me of the days of
the Black Book i7 quad core MacBook Pro never going to
be in the description and on the company blog post on the strap I’ve got a peek
design Capture Pro now this is a handy little it allows me to just slot my
camera in wearing it quite often like to shoot without the strap so by having
this on my shoulder strap I can just take the camera out back in when I’m not
using it and it’s just super secure their you could probably go running and
it wont pool of the main thing and this just cruising at the size of takeoff put
on a belt as well as those who may be see my previous camera bag but this is
actually a new accessory I bought just before traveling and I have to say it’s
probably one of the best things I’ve ever bought in such a hurry with amazing
highly recommended so as I mentioned before this is the
provision to get worse actually have to just use this as a stand-alone vote
because it’s pretty lightweight bag or if I need to all wrapped around
something and then you can get your show pretty much on it any source that this and without having
a ball head on top and makes it very versatile matter what you wrap around
you can get your shot level here are very useful for smaller accessories I
like to carry out a few filters in here this is a test in variable neutral
density filter that allows me to just control the light comes into the census
of voters during the day or a fun filming in bright sunlight I can change
the light that without adjusting like this is a circular polarizer now these
are used when you’ve got reflecting sunlight or water in blue skies you want
to maybe make the skies a little bit more vibrant reflections in water clear crisp shots
need a polarizer she needs spent quite a lot to make sure you get decent 1 I’d
recommend may be boring someone who’s maybe got 10 wouldn’t go and buy a cheap
one because you’re probably think that is rubbish and not buy an expensive one
end you’ll miss out on the world my photos I just carried them these
little pouches this is one from moody and it comes with the filter in this I have a series of person which
I use like business cuts get these out particularly events for in a scenario
like this where people look at me like what are you filming in hand out one of
these postcards and it just got on their bikes open Tokyo my artwork and then
just a nice little bit so it’s nice to meet you in a link to my Web ok so let’s
have a look in the main compartment of the back well my camera gear to its
banks got a few different options to get into it around your shoulder and everything under the top Democrat not every camera backs perfect one thing
it really bothered me about this bag so sometimes we do have heavy stuff dividers do fall apart obviously
equipment is gonna hold it together so first thing on top I have the Black
Rapid yet he strapped condom use in the single formation rapid sports what makes
it the Yeti is this attachment here are you could put a second strap to hammers
on either side now my main photo camera is the Canon EOS 7d month to watch my
previous camera back video porno since upgraded to the seventy if you follow me
on Twitter you’ll know that my seventy destroyed itself and just kind of
stopped it was very upsetting but it’s a total 45 got the seventeen-month to love
about this is the rapid rate that’s perfect for sports and fast-moving
events occasionally do but I just love other
camera body and you know it’s a great size traveling with quite often I will
use the battery grip though because I’m traveling taking the battery grip up
just to make it a little bit like to carry the batteries with you rip through
the lens of going on here at the moment this is the 24 27 2012 version but the
moment I don’t need to upgrade and this is what about 10.2 second bus trip
sounds like what I love about this camera’s memory card slot so I have an
sdcard and a compact flash card in the SDR use a 128 gigabyte card and I’ll
shoot only draws on that card / taking backups of all of those photos are taken
but in JPEG format never actually had a memory card fail on
me ever I do at least I got those jpg somewhere there was no means I can keep
that compassion and just keep on packing up voters throughout the whole trip
pretty much so if God forbid everything gets stolen except the camera but I’m
holding then at least of my whole trip so far so
this is my main photo camera and as for my video while use is my Sony 872 now
have had this camera for coming up maybe six seven months to get helen is this
video because the picture it produces incredible such amazing colors just so
much control with it you can send it to a slog to get complete dynamic range
control and everything is just such a great camera video associates in ok so if I want to do that
this is actually being filmed currently in for cake was also amazing for photos
he’s got a forty two megapixel sensor so incredible images or photos however
switching between photo and video on the camera is actually quite troublesome
because you have a picture profile as well you can set up custom modes you can
go photo 11 but to be honest it’s just so much easier to have a different
camera photo I seventy photo by a 72 video if there are days waiting to be
extremely like I would take just the Sony and that would be fine I just have
to change settings around one doing so let’s have a look in the rest of the
bank see what lenses up our swear by is such an incredible lens is the fourth
email 3.8 pancake lens not quite often have this on the Sony
might go through as a quick video lens because I keep the Sony on my Capture
Pro is not really adding anyway and it’s such a sharp lens on skype I can’t write
this lens enough and the best thing about it is a hundred quit incredible
but the lens I’m currently using to film is the Canon 16-35 f4 image they live
video stuff so I telephoto lens Canon 70 200 2.8 I absolutely love this lens so
the auto focus on it is incredibly fast the poker is amazing it’s just so great
a problem with it is it just weighs a lot of traveling with it is quite happy
on your back but because I love this lens so much credible to another camera the outtake
with me when I’m traveling is the GoPro Hero for now I’ve got the silver version
because it’s got a nice touch screen viewfinder on the back of the papers
screens and shooting and on here are just got the mighty handle so I can use
it I was using this out and see earlier and it just popped up and down to their
you drop your camera is not gonna sink to the bottom of it the military because
this is the heckling recharge this is my battery for my phone when you’re
traveling sometimes you don’t know how long it’s gonna be until you get to a
power socket or even he got it done that use that power supply and a completely
different country I think this is a twelve hundred million capacity she can
get quite a few for recharges overnight 26 and were discovered the other day is you
can use the recharge cable to actually charged so if God forbid I go through
all of my 7 battery though I can still charges with this and keep it running
and even power it so we got a couple of little captures like these in these
remotes and other adapters and links and the Pixi this is a miniaturised tripod
that also doubles as the handle occasionally are used for blogging and
my camera on their head there is so that I want to show you incredibly light I would take just this
one camera so this is the Canon G-seven my blocking
shots for my narrative sections are used solely for the high quality screen this
little guy here they actually stops the wind from Audio courtesy of it does get in the way
of a little but you can see that lie ahead you know when you get this is why
use my blogging check out my channel with loads of other
blogs and videos where I’m out shooting with this and are taking to the events
I’m going to see the equipment is currently being used to mention this
only a seven up to the microphone I’m using the road micro and I just got the wind dead cat
month long message that’s hopefully getting rid of a lot of the wind audio
this kind of going through this area and the truck with I’m using his the
Manfrotto be free carbon fiber now this is a super lightweight tripod barely
feeling in your suitcase this is great just setting up if you want to take some
photos say pretty calm environment long exposures on the beaches not gonna be
very good if you’re up the mountain doing windy photography guarantee that
probably gonna pull over but when you need it is great to have now as with
most travel photographers you probably do end up traveling with most of your
camera in your carry-on luggage and your suitcase with all your clothes ways
probably nothing that’s definitely the case for me and I will use a rolling
camera case the Manfrotto parole of fifty you may have seen my other videos
and my suitcase which would be way below the restrictions on the waits for the
airlines carry literally just a few clothes and a
tripod I generally don’t ever want to put any of my equipment into the hold of
the airplane just in case that luggage gets damaged lost or you know anything
can happen and you do read about it so yeah I’ve only ever carry my camera
equipment with me on the airplane and it does mean that it’s you know a heavy
amount they never wait so sometimes up in my pocket ok so that wraps up my
whole travel camera bag and I hope you really enjoyed this video you can check
out my other ones maybe even my full Camelbak video or so much trouble videos
there’s gonna be a few coming up very soon as I said I’m traveling for the
next 45 months and then gonna be spending a year in Australia is going to
be a huge amount of amazing content on the way if you got any tips on travel
equipment or things that you like to use them leave a comment below to read what
you’re using and it’s great to share knowledge and just kind of open
community about this so yeah thanks for watching guys if you enjoyed this give a
thumbs up and subscribe for more videos like this is going to be an exciting
year and I hope to see you soon I’m going to dash off anyway thanks

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    I've probably watched your gear videos multiple times. Just like you I've spent a good amount of time searching for a travel gear bag. I don't shoot professionally but I do carry my camera gear every time I travel. For the past two years of owning my Sony camera, I've tried multiple bags and have spent a fortune in finding the perfect one. I'd say that finding THE perfect bag is like finding the ONE. Recently I think I've finally found the perfect camera bag combo for me and it might work for others too. I've recently bought the Incase DSLR Camera Insert(http://amzn.to/2tCdU39). It is a backpack insert that can store a small gear setup. For my setup, I can fit my Sony a6000 with three lenses, one already installed on the body. I can also fit a couple of pouches for other miscellaneous gear items. In my small backpack, I can fit this insert and my Manfrotto Befree tripod. My backpack of choice is a Cole Haan Pebble Leather Backpack(http://amzn.to/2uPad9M). I'm not sure if this will be a good fit for you but another backpack of this size may be a better fit. I suggest getting a clam shell style backpack to give you full access to the insert.



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