What’s the Fastest Way to Travel in Minecraft 1.14?

What’s the Fastest Way to Travel in Minecraft 1.14?

How fast can you travel in Mintecraft It’s a question that I asked way back in 2015 when let’s face it times were simpler There were far fewer ways to travel quickly in Minecraft, so the selection was fairly small. So I thought would be worth experimenting. Now the way that I’ve set this place up is we have got five hundred block long strips that we’re going to be traveling through. I’m going to time myself from start to finish We’re going to take the duration of my travel and then we’re going to use that to calculate our blocks per second And before all of you start shouting at me down the comment section about the reliability of the readings I did five runs of each and then I calculated an average time and that’s what I’m drawing conclusions from I know pretty scientific sprinting I remember when this was first introduced into the game and it felt like we were traveling through Minecraft at lightning speed we would sprint everywhere amazed at how fast we were now able to get around But I think it’s safe to say that it’s not exactly the quickest method of transport in 2019 taking one minute twenty nine point five seconds to cover the full 500 blocks. That’s five point six blocks per second, not exactly setting the world on fire is it? I mean that is slow even by human standards Apparently the average human should be able to sprint as seven point one meters a second So I have clearly been slacking sprint jumping on packed ice Not exactly the most modern of designs But it’s a design that I see all the time on minecraft servers because it’s so easy to construct all you need is a line of ice blocks than two blocks above a line of regular blocks and then you can jump bumping your Head off the ceiling and you will accelerate off into the distance It took 29.5 seconds to complete the full 500 blocks, which is 16.9 blocks per second. Not bad Not bad at all I guess the only negative with this design is that it requires ice which of course means you need a silk touch pickaxe. The powered mine can trail not the most exciting of designs. I mean it it’s just it’s powered rails there’s nothing fancy about it and also not exactly the fastest design either one minute and 3.2 seconds to complete the full 500 blocks giving us a 7.9 blocks per second speed and for what it is It’s pretty expensive I mean obviously I don’t expect you guys to be building your rails on Redstone blocks that that does definitely add some cost but all of the gold involved in this thing makes it a fairly pricey endeavor For something that’s not actually That quick ice jumping but with added trapdoors now the logic behind this one was always that with the standard ice pack you had quite a lot of Distance to jump the trapdoors actually reduced that distance meaning you get more jumps in a shorter space of time Which makes you travel faster and it does but it also increases the amount of food that you require This is the only design in the video that actually made me eat before I reach the end and that hurt the time 33.4 seconds through the full 500 blocks, which is 15 blocks per second So the added wood cost of all of the trapdoors and also the added time of having to place in all of those trapdoors For me personally isn’t really worth it. Sprint jumping on blue ice for those who don’t know blue ice is slightly slippier than other types of ice in Minecraft. Now, I wasn’t certain if this would translate to the player and create a faster time but it actually did it was just very very marginal 28.7 seconds to do the full length compared to 29.5 with regular ice that gives us a blocks per second of seventeen point four Is the slight increase in speed worth it I would say probably not just because blue ice is really quite expensive unless you find it at the bottom of an iceberg one block of blue ice requires nine blocks of packed ice and if you don’t have an ice spikes biome nearby Then you guys need to craft off the packed ice and that requires nine blocks of regular ice Which means that in one block of blue ice there is 81 bits of regular price There’s 81 bits of ice in there the Elytra flight I think we can all agree that the Elytra and firework rockets is a fantastically fast method of transport in Minecraft and the results definitely show it 15 seconds to do the full 500 blocks, which is 33.3 blocks per second The only slight issue for the average player is that the elytra are Fairly difficult to come by. They’re definitely an endgame item and also to get a sustainable supply of gunpowder for the firework Rockets is also quite a tricky endeavor. So for the average player this Might not be obtainable But for absolute pros like myself and the other members of the hermitcraft server who have these things just lying around in junk chests Well that… yeah It’s it’s definitely a good way to go blue ice jumping with Speed 2- I promise this is the last of the ice jumping test I just wanted to see how much speed 2 affected it Obviously you could run those beacons along the pathway if it was good But it makes little to no difference really 26.7 seconds to cover the full 500 blocks Which is 18.7 blocks per second and it makes it considerably more Expensive than it already was you either have to take a potion every single time You want to run down the path which isn’t perfect or alternatively you have beacons going all the way across it Which it’s going to cost a fortune if it’s many thousands of blocks long boat on an ice path This is definitely one of my personal favorites because I don’t have to mash the keyboard to get anywhere quickly and get places quickly I do 15.2 seconds to cover the full length 32.9 blocks per second That is nuts. That is so so fast And obviously it works in the nether like all of these previous Designs do which means that your blocks per second in the overworld are gonna be eight times faster I mean What would that be like 240 blocks per second? More? like 260 blocks per second being traveled in the overworld that’s just that’s almost rude. Boat on a blue ice path as mentioned earlier on blue ice is slippery than other types of ice in Minecraft and It makes a big difference when riding in a boat as you can tell from the speed that I’m talking it’s too fast 11.1 seconds to do the full length 45 blocks a second. *amazed noises* Oh It’s getting it’s getting tricky to actually get all of the information out in the clip of me using the path itself That was pretty bonkers. I would definitely say that is worth the cost of the blue ice It may be considerably more expensive but it leads to a fifty percent improvement in the time over five hundred blocks It only leads to four seconds But if you’re talking a 10,000 block long tunnel Then that is going to save considerable amounts of time and your average blocks per second is also going to be considerably higher because these boats take quite a long time to Accelerate they go very fast, but they take a while to get going So I thought I’d do a secondary experiment here where we take the second half the final 250 blocks so we’ve had a 250 block running start and then do the average speed there and the results are pretty wild in the final 250 blocks on the packed Ice I did it in 6.3 seconds, which is 39.7 blocks per second and then on the blue ice it did it in 4 250 blocks covered in 4 seconds that is 62.5 blocks per second which means that if you built that blue ice path in the nether you were travelling at exactly 500 blocks per second in the Overworld 500 blocks per second. Ladies and gentlemen, I don’t even know what to say And if you’re sat there also not knowing what to say because you’re completely confused by all of this nether and overworld stuff Don’t worry I’ll put some information down in the description for you dolphins grace swimming paths as if I didn’t think things could get faster they have 9 seconds to do 500 blocks 55.6 blocks per second but And it’s a very big but it doesn’t work in the nether and the main reason why we create fast Transport is for use in the nether That’s the reason we always create nether hubs and things and then you have your tunnels leading off them that you can get to other Places in the world quickly. Ah This just it just doesn’t quite cut the mustard Unfortunately with that being said it can be faster dolphins grace But also with speed 2 6.6 seconds to the full 500 blocks, which is 74.1 blocks per second What planet are we on? Those are some seriously seriously ridiculous numbers like totally Ridiculous ridiculous numbers. But once again, it doesn’t work in the nether. However, I mean imagine Constructing like a water highway through the ocean to get between bases I mean at those speeds in the overworld you can cover 740 blocks within 10 seconds. Oh *More amazed sounds* Minecraft. The piston bolt these used to be the fastest ways that you could transport yourself in Minecraft 5.2 seconds to cover 100 blocks which is nearly 20 blocks per second And the only thing that stopped it from being 20 blocks per second because that’s the speed that these things technically run at is Client-side lag I could see that last piston extending when I was around about here So that means that the minecart had actually reached the end and was being pushed by it But the visuals were kind of running behind the game itself. I absolutely love these things I think they’re fantastic and although they’re not the fastest, They’re definitely my favorite I think it’s time for some honorable mentions piston bolts aren’t generally built straight Normally there bill diagonally and that leads to a slightly faster speed of 28 blocks per second. Just out of pure vanity It looked pretty horrible when I constructed it And then also I thought a big honorable mention that I would do is the sci craft ender cannon that they’ve built on the sci Craft server, which teleports you I think 60 thousand blocks almost instantly It’s the strangest thing on the planet, but I’m fairly certain It wouldn’t work in Minecraft 1.14 due to the removal of chunk loaders So sadly can’t really make the list another interesting Avenue that I wanted to go down was the ravager screaming llama Firing shield holding system created by simply Sarc which is completely bonkers. I’ll put a link to it down in the description but unfortunately, it might be patched in Minecraft 1.14.4 because I can’t get it to fire me more than about 400 blocks The wild card how would you like to cover the full 500 blocks in 4 seconds doing 125 blocks per second. The only slight catch is that it needs to be raining. Yeah, I mean that is That’s a bit of an issue. Isn’t it? You want to get somewhere? It’s really urgent and you have to wait for a storm For you to actually be able to use your hyper fast method of transport either way when it happens It happens big. It is so much fun shooting around Elytra, Riptide 3 on your trident and a rainstorm Yeah, you’re breaking just all sorts of speed limits and finally one for the really really smart smart smart people down in the comment section The people who always say, I like to teleport. Well, let’s see how fast that is /tp Where am I going? Ok TP TP mumbo-jumbo ok 500, 31 6, 69 Uh-oh. It’s taken me 25 seconds. That’s has she’d slower than a lot of the methods I Just I’m not very fast at typing you see hopefully that keeps you really really smart people quiet Anyway, let’s move on to the results Shall we and here they are in chronological order now, we’ve got two sets of results The first set is the straight up blocks per second This is how many blocks per second we covered using the time taken to travel through our 500 block course That is it. Completely unajusted then this second set of results Also in chronological order is our overworld blocks per second Now these have been adjusted to reflect how fast the player will be moving in the overworld if these transportation Methods were being used in the nether Obviously the ones that can’t be used in nether like the dolphin ones and the Trident/Elytra ones their results have remained Unchanged and you can see the massive difference from the massive difference In fact the complete flip around of the results. So we have it ladies and gents I think that answers the question of what is the fastest way to travel in Minecraft if there’s some methods that I’ve forgotten about then please let me know down in the comment section so I can cry myself to Sleep tonight. I’ll be very upset. I spent a long time working on this But anyway, I really do hope that you enjoyed and I’ll catch you again in the next video. See ya Hey What you doing? You’re sticking around? what? I said goodbye. You’re still here I guess you could Maybe check out some of the things on the screen right now filming channel bits work really hard on that mini documentary I’m sure you’d love it if you watched it and I don’t know what to say.. goodbye

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  1. Just a top tip!
    Actually watch the full video before chiming in with your ‘fastest way to travel’. Almost every one I have seen so far is actually in the video! 😂

  2. Blue ice makes a teeny little bit of light actually. U forgot blue ice with trap doors. and maybe even swiftness with trap doors.

  3. Just imagine using the riptide 3 trident on the nether… You could go 1000 m/s, that's almost Mach 3 (3 times the speed of sound), that's hilarious.

  4. Keep your comparisons within the hard-coded walls of Minecraft. Speed in relation to physics and speed in the set state of a voxel sandbox simulation are entirely different. Unless you make the game mechanically accurate to deep levels of energy or specific matter the "standards" should only contain references to items found within the specific control.

  5. Yeah, these 2 are Powered Rails and Elytra Flight is too ordinary, but some hard find like Elytra & Golds.

    Namely first, Powered Rails are not always fast but, only can you down from stone blocks and more blocks (except Soul Sands). For example, you must find a redstone and of course Golds. For gold, that is too hard to find it, if you find a Mesa Biomes, many gold is easy find here. For redstones, even past a Y position for 18, and heights past here, find redstones.

    Namely second, Elytra Flight is always fast but, that hard to find elytra, you must find in The End, and teleport to Endships (find our Mini Portals in front The End). And if teleported the Endship, finding your top past endship and search elytra. Kill a shulker if want to die you (this can get shulker shell to craft a shulker boxes). If elytra appear in top endship, give a elytra and wear Elytra's. Craft Firework Rockets and fly, this can fly high speed in 82 km/h or 45 mph. (Fast fly but you can damage if you drop players sneaking and kinetic a some blocks.)

    This 2 types to way travel.

  6. U forgot something….


    And the real fastest way in minecraft is using a command slowness 255 for 99999 sec

  7. The thing about using teleport is… Obviously a short distance with slow typing speed is… Not worth it. But try 10k blocks at 25 seconds, that's 200 blocks per second. 100k blocks? 1million blocks?

  8. I think I'll just stick with the ice boat or ice jumps those are the cheapest and easiest way for me even though I started palying Minecraft in 2011 or 2010… Can't remember the exact year

  9. WHY would YOU USE all powered rails? You can put 1 every like 7 or 8 blocks and go the same speed its not really that expensive

  10. Idea For Jumbo: Couldn’t You Have Frost Walker II On Boots And Have Infinite Ice?

    Because I’m Pretty Sure Frost Walker II Is Packed Ice Instead Of Normal

  11. i would normally agree with you on the tp one but… most servers use /home <home name> or /tpa <player you wanna tp to>.

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