Why Do Tourists Vacation In War Zones?

Why Do Tourists Vacation In War Zones?

In August 2016, a minibus of foreign tourists
was attacked in Afghanistan, injuring at least seven people. Terror attacks are not uncommon in Afghanistan,
but the incident nonetheless made headlines as most of the victims were tourists in what
is ostensibly a war zone. According to its government, Afghanistan sees
roughly 20 thousand tourists a year. So, why do people vacation in war-torn countries? Well, although wars affect all aspects of
a country’s economy, tourism is one of the fastest, and most likely to suffer. But war zones often do still see tourism from
more adventurous travelers, ranging from those who actively seek out military activity, to
others who are willing to brave the risk to see landmark locations. One such surprising location is Iraq, to which
the U.S. State Department has warned against all travel for fear of kidnapping and terrorist
violence. And yet, in 2013 reportedly more than 800,000
international tourists visited the country. Travelers to Iraq are generally attracted
to the country’s ancient historical sites, including the remains of Babylon, the Great
Mosque of Samarra and an Ottoman fortress called Tal Afar. Particularly popular among tourists is Iraqi
Kurdistan, which is a semi-autonomous region in the northeast with a majority Kurdish population. Iraqi Kurdistan is touted by guidebooks as
the best place to travel in Iraq, as it issues free tourist visas for citizens of most countries,
and sees considerably less violence and domestic dissent. However since the Islamic State began taking
over large swaths of Iraq in 2014, tourism has dropped dramatically. Another war torn country with a surprising
amount of tourism is Nigeria. Since 2009, Nigeria has been terrorized by
Boko Haram, a jihadist group operating mostly in the rural northeast. According to the Council on Foreign Relations,
Boko Haram was responsible for nearly 11 thousand civilian deaths in 2015, more than any terror
group in the world. Nigeria has one of the fastest growing cities
in the world, and is also home to stunning natural attractions like waterfalls, rainforests
and exotic animals. Even Syria, which in the last few years has
become the most dangerous place on the planet, has some vestige of tourism. Historically, Syria has been one of the most
popular tourists destinations in the middle east, as the country is home to six UNESCO
world heritage sites. But shortly after the country descended into
civil war, commercial flights were ceased, and most hotels either closed or were repurposed
as shelter for civilians. However this has not discouraged some tourists,
who have reportedly flocked to Syria’s shared border with Turkey and Israel to observe the
turmoil from afar. In late 2015, One Russian tour company even
announced plans to send tourists to the front lines, trademarking the name ‘Assad Tour’. There’s no doubt that war discourages many
people from travelling. But as seen in countries like Syria and Iraq,
war can itself be the main attraction. Despite the violence, tourists will likely
continue to venture into the danger zone.

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  1. going to war zones for entertainment.  that's just disgusting.  like t.v. and the internet, along with concerts, plays and other sources of entertainment isn't enough.

  2. Why do tourists KNOWINGLY AND WILLFULLY vacation in war zones? Its because they are selfish stupid and don't give a shit as they think that their government would send it troops to rescue them from death…

  3. its called danger tourism, things like the antarctic counts as this but its on the lesser extreme scale. personally you really dident tell anyone shit in this video, my fucking geog teacher tough us this in 10 minutes and that was half a year ago. yet you seem to no know wtf the different tourism's are

  4. Im an Afghanistan Combat Vet, I really wanna go back as a tourist and meet my so called "enemies" but as my friends now once again

  5. Only reason somebody needs to be in a war zone is if you plan on picking up a rifle and fighting or you are doing some Indiana Jones shit and rescuing ancient relics. Otherwise you get captured we got to put our troops lives at risk to rescue your retarded ass.

  6. yes people go to the Golan heights, but it's also Israel's quietest border and hasn't seen conflict since the 1980s at the latest. so people going on the Israeli border, makes sense plus they really can't see the action from Israel's border to see Syria's action.

  7. I love how the Russians are profiting out of war, no different than the American warmongers. You bastards invented the term "middle east" to begin with – Europeans that is..just to define their colonial spheres of influence.

  8. why do they say islamist state just say extremist if a Christian does an act of terror they call it extremism but not christianist.

  9. There's a word for that subject it's called dark tourism I think, for people that are thrill seekers visiting violent places. I hate tourists, can't stand them. I dealt with a lot of them when I worked in Las Vegas on the strip. Now I'm back in Chicago on the south side aka Chiraq, I don't have to worry about tourists coming here to the hood

  10. I just came back from Kurdistan on August 15th. Was visiting family. Made my way to Baghdad and got to see some nice ass historic landmarks. Fucking war man

  11. Why the hell did you go to N.Korea only to be taken prisoner Laura ? Lucky for you sister Lisa was able to save your ass.

  12. These idiots travel to these dangerous places against their own countries' travel advisory. Then they get kidnapped by terrorists and plead through terrorist propaganda videos for their country to ransom them out.

  13. You idiots. Nigeria isn't a a war zone. Boko Haram is only attacking in Borno, which is in the far northeastern part of the country. They lack the capability to attack anywhere else. Lagos (which is in the SOUTHERN part of Nigeria) and the rest of Nigeria is fine.

  14. This is first video I've seen of this lady, and she seems like real classical Reporter
    not just a Youtuber reporting on issues, so here take my sub..

  15. am a Nigerian living in Nigeria and i have never seen war in my life. some places may be fucked up but Nigeria is definitely not war torn.

  16. I think a reason you missed is such that some refuse to let fear enter their hearts or minds; To live in fear is a pathetic existence.. I bet she was scared when she blew her bullshit cover in Korea lolol..

  17. Nigeria is not a "war-torn" country as this video says it is. As a matter of fact, the boko haram militants operate only in the North east. Lagos, the fastest growing city, and Abuja, the capital, are not in the north. Seeker daily, please do not label Nigeria as war torn again

  18. nigeria is not a war zone it is just the small north eastern corner and occasional terror attacks limited to the north most tourist visit only the south which is apart from ghana the safest place to be in the region its just like turkey they is fighting in the south east but most tourist dont go there they are in the west and south western coast if nigeria is a war zone then turkey is to

  19. Well it's sort of jut like during the civil war, Abe Lincoln even went to watch a battle, for some reason as humans we find war as something interesting and we'd pay to watch it happen before us

  20. Love the superficial reporting. Pretty sure if they told us which nationality or race were all this tourists, we'd see that mostly middle-eastern people are visiting these areas and not westerners.

  21. Before anyone pulls some "sharia law violations" bullshit, you are wasting your time. Sharia law is an ideology, not a physical entity. Sharia law hasn't done anything, people acting under sharia may have but sharia law itself is innocent. Cause you know, it's an ideology.

  22. pause the video in 2:44 בבקשה לישמור על ניקיון ההר! השלכת פסולת ובדלי סיגריות בפחי האשפה בלבד! השובר על החוק יענש. המקום מצולם 24 שעות ביממה.

  23. This channel would never do a video on How the Sharia Law violate human rights. It will if we all together protest and thumbs down the video!

  24. They're not war zones!!! My parents and relatives lived through a war!! There are parts heavily under fire while other parts are safe and people still
    Lead normal lives.

  25. When that massive massacre happened in Egypt like 18 years ago, when all those people got shot at the Pyramids I believe, my parents visited Egypt because it was so cheap. When they arrived, there were literally almost no tourists, the people with camels and donkeys had no money, and their animals which were their livelihood were starving. So as they walked by each person that did donkey/camel rides, they gave the minder like 20 Egyptian pounds each and said something along the lines of 'this is to buy food for the camel/donkey'.

  26. I'm not necessarily afraid of death but I still wouldn't go to an active war zone filled with radical extremists. I'm willing to die young for something I believe in but that doesn't include being decapitated by terrorists.

  27. Thanks USA to put us Afghanistan in to Stone Age by Make terrorists in our country as game of Cold War. We are more developed then Brazil in 1945.

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