Why I Draw. | My Art Journey

Why I Draw. | My Art Journey

hi I'm Amanda and this is why I draw that's a child growing up I was definitely very creative I just loved making things and drawing and painting and playing music it's just something that I enjoyed so purely and I didn't worry about anything else because in my head I thought everyone enjoyed making stuff like who wouldn't like to draw me being a kid I just assumed that because I enjoyed the arts and because I felt passionate and respected the arts I thought everyone else must as well at some point things started to change and I don't even remember what the specific point is but there is definitely a flip of the switch on people's mindset of the arts when you're a kid typically you're encouraged to have fun and be creative and color outside the lines but at some point people stop telling either and instead they start telling you that the arts are not real jobs being an artist is not viable being a musician is not realistic and these should all stay as hobbies I definitely started getting sucked into that mindset and I don't think I realized back then that there was something wrong with that mindset I just kind of assumed that that's how life is and that's what growing up means you just have to give up the fun stuff and you know sit down and be a real adult even though I was still enjoying all the same things that I enjoyed it as a child drawing painting music being creative in general it was different than the blind love that I had for it as a kid because now I had it in the back of my mind that at some point I would have to give it up something that also added to this was that I was able to see other artists work so easily and I started comparing myself and I would see their work and think to myself there are always gonna be people who are more talented than me or who know more about art than me so why should they even bother pursuing it I let all of those toxic thoughts from myself and from other people and from society pollute my mind and I forgot that I started out just as a kid who loved to draw and loved to be creative and loved music now this is not a sad story because eventually I did realize what I love to do and what made me happy which was creating and I came to terms with the fact that it's okay to love those things I'm not trying to say that this epiphany happened overnight because I definitely went through a lot of ups and downs and trial and error and self-doubt in order to get to this point but now that I'm sharing my drawings in my art with the world on a daily basis it makes me happy to think that the stuff that I create might be able to help just one person it get a step closer to that epiphany and I hope my drawings are able to encourage people to have fun with art and that it's okay to be creative hey guys so real quick I just wanted to thank Canon Canada for sponsoring this video which was so important for me to make on the topic of creativity and me sharing my drunks with you guys Canon has always been a huge part of that journey for me because I've been using their cameras for years so it really helped me express my creativity and share everything with you I'm actually filming this video right now with the Canon EOS m100 and that's the camera you saw a lot in the video clips before it's been my go-to in my favorite and I've been using it to take pictures of my drawings and fill myself drawing basically whenever you see anything to do with my art I'm using this camera to share it with you guys it just makes producing high quality photo and video content super easy it's better quality than what you would get on your regular phone but it's still compact and easy to use and user-friendly and it's great for beginners as well I love it you know I should definitely check it out and because I love it so much Canon Canada and I have partnered up to do a fun giveaway from you guys so one of you guys will have the chance to win your very own Canon EOS and 100 kit which will hopefully help you guys express your creativity all the rules to enter are going to be in the description box below but they're gonna be fairly easy so go check that out if anyway I think that's pretty much it actually please if you want to I would love to read your stories about being creative or the arts in the comments below so I hope you guys feel encouraged to share them with each other but yeah I keep doodling and I will talk to you in my next video bye guys

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  1. @AmandaRachLee …Thank you for sharing your story. I'm truly grateful. I don't know what it is about you but you HAVE given me permission to be creative again. And I'm 45 for goodness sake. What 45 year old goes out on a whim to buy Crayola's?! Asks for a bullet journal for her birthday?! LOL!! What makes your videos different from everyone else's? They're entirely from the heart I suppose and I can relate. We all feel happy when you post a video and you don't pretend you're something you're not. Regardless, my heart is happy to be drawing again. Thank you so very much. xo

  2. Before, I wanted to be an artist because I loved drawing. But my parents and everyone always say that being an artist wont get you a lot of money (if that makes sense). “You’ll be poor if you be an artist”, “Get a proper job”. Evryone always says that to me when I said I want to be an artist.
    When I saw Amanda’s video, it gave me motivation to draw be creative again! Thank you, Amanda. Anyway if you’re reading this comment, hope you have a wonderful day with your friends and family! Be creative!

  3. When I listen to you, I wish I were more self confident. I know that we can always get better at what we do and that practise makes perfect but honestly I get so overwhelmed when I see all those magnificent works of art. I wish I could go for a walk, sit down and draw a scenery that I love but I can't. I can't draw, can't paint. And I would looooooove to. It saddens me. Deep down I know that I have an artistic soul. But i might just be not talented enoug or brave enoug to work harder. being so self consious is a real obstacle that holds creativity back. BUT THANT YOU FOR YOUR VIDEOS

  4. Thank you so much, this helped me alot. I just subs please return the love. I can' wait to start drawing again you have ispired me to start my drawings again.

  5. thank you a lot for sharing your story! I totally felt the same way! I wanted to become a designer after high school but everyone kept telling me that it's not serious profession and that there're way too many more talanted people and the designers in general. So I studied at the Medical University (in Russia) instead and I quit it after 3 years of studies. All these years I didn't draw or do anything creative and it felt wrong. Then I moved to Finland to study environmental engineering. I graduated last December and last year I spent lots of time with crocheting and drawing. Now I have my page on instagram about diy gifts ideas because I love to create things and give gifts! This year I decided to start a bullet journal. Your channel is the best among what I saw in the Internet! I used many of your ideas, they are beautiful, simple and useful! Thank you a lot for your art xoxo

  6. I was that kid too! I am starting to explore my art again after stumbling upon bullet journaling. Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. I used to draw so much but then people made fun of it so I stopped… I want to start again but its hard, I feel like a nerd in middle school. Same as books, people think people who are into books are nerds…

  8. This is such a wonderful, important message and I love that you shared your story! I too was told that the arts and creative fields were not a solid choice for a career. I’m thankful every day for choosing to take that more challenging path. I truly believe in following your passion because people will be able to see that passion and there’s nothing better than your passion inspiring someone else! What I do now is not what I expected to be doing, but I can’t imagine my life any other way. Being creative is a part of me and I feel it so deeply in my soul. I hope to one day share it with my kids. Don’t ever let anyone tell you what you can or can’t do, because there will be a way to do it. You just have to find it!

  9. You have inspired me to create amazing art. I never really thought of my art as “good enough” but I’m in middle school, making calligraphy that people absolutely love. Keep drawing. 💓

  10. I absolutely despise people who tell me that art is not a real job. What they don't realize is that art is LITERALLY EVERYWHERE. The advertisements on the street, cartoons, clothes, and blueprints are all art. The structure of the Eiffel Tower had to be drawn out on a piece of paper. Yet they say art is not a real job. Art is a REAL job and just because less people succeed with it, it doesn't make it unrealistic and fake.

  11. Thanks to your videos I retook drawing. As a kid I loved drawing, but as I grew up I started to think that I wasn't good enough so quit doing it around high school. When I found your channel I somehow felt so inspired that I started drawing again and I'm really happy that I did. For me is really just a hobby, but I enjoy doing so a lot and I thank you for that. Keep the great work

  12. I can’t enter the giveaway because I live in the US 😭but I just wanted to say that your story is so beautiful just like your art. You are a very creative and amazing person and don’t ever change! 💕💙

  13. hi amanda! after graduating from college, i felt completely lost with no idea still of what i wanted to do. i started drawing again which i did not do since i was a kid and this creativity just spilled over to so many aspects of my life and brought me so much joy and hope. now i have a small candle shop on etsy and i am pouring my heart and soul into it 🙂

  14. Normally not much of a commenter, but I relate so much to this! I was too, as a kid, always drawing and creating other things. Just like with you, somewhere that piece of me just died and I didn't draw for years like I used to (I'm talking about almost 10 years here). I follow you over a year know and started doodling a bit again and really enjoy it and a lot of times surprise myself in a positive way. But there is still also a side that is just afraid, afraid that I can't draw anymore, afraid that it won't be good enough, that I won't be good enough, afraid to fail and the feeling you get then. Something in the last month started to change my mind, I haven't started drawing yet, but I noticed that I'm getting excited again to create. Change is in the air and soon that kid is ready to come out and create again!
    Thank you for all your inspiration and motivation xx

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