Why The U.S. Has The Worst Public Transit System

Why The U.S. Has The Worst Public Transit System

around the world as many as 25 countries have high-speed rail systems connecting major cities but the US has been lagging behind in modern methods of public transportation recent reports suggest that American cities ranked among the worst for transit systems so why is US transit so bad well after World War 2 countries like Japan and Germany invigorated their economies through federally sponsored rail construction but the United States chose to invest in their interstate highway system beginning in the 1950s the government paved tens of thousands of miles of roads all over the United States this road network helped encourage the popularity of automobiles and more spread-out City Planning called sprawl but the effects of city sprawl on commute times the rising cost of gasoline and oil and growing traffic have become a problem today in major cities like Los Angeles car traffic constantly clogs the freeways even the New York City Transit System which can serve up to 6 million commuters on a busy day is known to many as being dirty unreliable and underfunded on the other hand London England has the oldest subway in the world and is significantly more efficient the tube was constructed in the mid 1800s and serves a billion people per year covering an area of 600 square miles London also has a great rail infrastructure with high-speed trains reaching out to Scotland and France another success story is Seoul in South Korea its subway system is the longest in the world with 315 miles of track the transit stations are high-tech and modern free Wi-Fi heated seats and TV are available for riders in many Asian and European countries trains are almost always on time whereas New York subway Dix to the schedule about 75% of the time part of the reason for America's transportation deficiency is the difficulty in passing spending legislation Republicans in particular have been reticent to raise taxes to federally fund transit programs and a high-speed rail could potentially cost 150 billion dollars but soon legislators may have no other choice but to invest heavily in newer better forms of public transit in 2014 the White House reported that up to 65 percent of America's major roads were rated in less than good condition also nearly half of American citizens lack access to public clearly if the US wants to keep pace with other nations public transportation needs to be a higher priority China is making a great deal of investment into many sectors of the American economy to learn about how much of the US China actually owns check out our video now in North Carolina one in ten hog farms are now owned by the Chinese pork producer similar deals have given China unprecedented access to America's workforce thanks for watching test-tube we'll see all of you subscribers tomorrow

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  1. I agree with a lot of people’s points in this comments section and I also fully support a high speed rail line in the United States but has anyone considered the size of our country? Granted yes we were successful in building the transcontinental railroad but there are so many possibilities as far as high speed lines between which cities and the cost would be quite hefty although overall I feel it is worth it. It would crate jobs for many and it would be unprecedented in its size for sure

  2. Republicans push the agenda of the fossil fuel industry and impede this country's transport and energy development.


  4. Many Americans are too poor to afford a decent if any car at all. Traveling on highways is extremely dangerous and results in the deaths of thousands of Americans each year. A modern speed train system would be safer, more affordable for the people and the govt., easier to maintain than highways, and better on the environment than car and plane travel.

  5. Canada is bad too. Greyhound has halted all intercity bus service west of Sudbury, Ontario as of Oct. 31, 2018.

  6. Try out mbta it's not that full but the trains are dirty average late time 5-10 min and the newest busses witch are electrictal busses now Have free WiFi heating AC But not everything can be perfect

  7. Why would we need public transportation when every American can own a car. Just need better/bigger roads and parking lots.

  8. Public transit is necessary for those that don't wanna own a car… I'm Republican and want a better transit system…. but higher taxes is difficult for people like me who live in an expensive area and is just barely scraping by….Thankfully not many millenials are buying cars….. keep using public transit in your areas if you can… less cars… less pollution… less cost…. then maybe the govt. and congress will have no choice but to make more trolleys and train tracks.
    Hate buses though, prefer the trolley it's faster.

  9. no public transit, expensive healthcare, mass shootings, road accidents, while being the… richest country in the world.

  10. Hurts me to say that as an American Citizen my tax money goes to unnecessary things such as wars and world conflict matters. NYC not only has a dirty subways system but also the city itself is dirty. Department of Sanitation amd Transportation need to step up.

  11. You're missing the point. America has underfunded public transport since 1920's due to motor industry lobbying. That's why i sucks.

  12. The fact that people blame parties or anything else is hilarious. The main reason we have poor transit is because we (the US) chose to focus on the car (auto) and sprawl or growth of the suburbs JUST LIKE THE VIDEO SAYS.

  13. Where I live in California, the public transportation is terrible.

    The college I used to go is not in the city I live in, but rather about 2 towns over and is about 7 miles (~11 km) away. When I took the bus for the summer semester in 2015, it would take an average of an hour and 10 minutes to get to school which is just very absurd. With my own car, it takes me a maximum of 25 minutes depending on traffic. And that's not to mention the very shady people who get on the bus in the other two towns.

    Now, I go to a college that is 40 miles away and there is absolutely no public transportation that goes all the way there. Services like Lyft and Uber are available, but are absurdly expensive (~$50-$70 each way). There are train tracks where I live, but they only run through a small portion of the eastern side of town and are only used for freight. So realistically, my only viable option is to drive.

  14. Worst in developed countries, i AM Brazilian and can say: Brazilian system is worst than america

  15. Y'all Americans be thankful. I mean Look at the Philippines, where trains are very sucks and not properly maintained.

  16. AmTrack has not made a profit since it was developed. Most city bus systems would go broke without massive tax money bailouts.

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