Will We Ever Time Travel? Scientists Say ‘No’ Based on This New Discovery

Will We Ever Time Travel? Scientists Say ‘No’ Based on This New Discovery

so this is probably what you think of when you picture an atom right the thing is the central part of this model is just plain inaccurate scientists recently found that the nucleus of some atoms don't look like this at all and it's causing a ruckus because well this newfound shape straight up shouldn't exist when you learned about atoms in school you probably learned about a couple of different models and one thing was likely always the same the nucleus was spherical but it turns out that might have been too simple atomic nuclei are made up of protons and neutrons that are held together by the strong nuclear force one of the universe's fundamental forces and based on this one might assume that they would be more or less spherical in reality though most nuclei are deformed to some extent they can be elongated into football shapes are squished into disks but as long as they're symmetrical everything in physics is just fine and dandy here's the problem though we just found a nucleus that isn't symmetrical and that is a huge deal because symmetry is a very important cornerstone to many of the theories that we use to understand our universe in particle physics there's a theory called CP symmetry which is the combination of charge symmetry and parity charge symmetry is the idea that if you flip the charge of an atom the physics of the atom shouldn't change this is the basis to our understanding of antimatter if you flip the charge in a regular atom you get an anti atom and the physics should work exactly the same similarly parity is the idea that if you invert the spatial coordinates of a system the physics also shouldn't change our hands for example show parity if you move one hand like this you can mirror it with your other hand and it works the same way theoretically atoms should behave this way too so back to the new hotness some Scotland based scientists confirmed a pear shaped nucleus exists a pear shape you guys a pear the most exciting shape of all the fruits scientists had previously found asymmetrical nuclei in the isotopes radium to 24 and 226 but this time they confirmed it also in barium 144 which is a comparatively lighter atom and how did they do that you asked I'm glad you asked they just looked for octupole transitions in the gamma ray emissions of excited VI 144 nuclei casual and the surprisingly pear-shaped nuclei they found uneven distributions of mass and charge which according to currently accepted models of physics like CP symmetry just shouldn't exist but they do and the scientists think that could have some very big implications our current models predict the symmetry of antimatter and matter and also the flow of time but the scientists think that these nuclei being asymmetrical could explain why these things don't function symmetrically either if some atomic nuclei aren't symmetrical they're claiming it could explain why we can't seem to find antimatter in our universe and why time always flows from past to future and therefore why time travel could likely be impossible these are some pretty hefty claims though and as always more research is needed before we could prove anything but it's pretty amazing that such a tiny discovery could have such huge implications in it special thanks to domain.com for sponsoring this episode of seeker domain.com is awesome affordable reliable and has all the tools you need to build a new website start sharing your ideas with the world on a professional website domain.com can fulfill all your website needs they offer common dotnet domain names and intuitive website builders they have over 300 domain extensions to fit your needs from dot Club two dots pace to dot family or pizza take that first step in creating an identity online and visit domain com if tiny science gets you as excited as a barium 144 nucleus you should watch Julian's video here about just how small life can actually get and fun fact about 99.9% of an atom is empty space without it all of humanity would be the size of a sugar cube don't forget to subscribe and thanks for watching seeker

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  1. Difficult, yes . Impossible, no. Like most or some discoveries or inventions we discover them accidentally . A way to travel through time was possible, ( forgot year, have to consult/ refer to source ) we lacked the equation or method to control the where and when. USA may have solved that by now , don't know . USA Government doesnt want to trust us with that knowledge like many other information . But, my source could be wrong . 😉 😃😁😄😀😎

  2. Time travels from past to future because of the Big Bang when everything stops So Will Time.
    I'm a Genius hahaha

  3. It would be cool if we could time travel we can shoot Adam and Eve and solve all the Earth's problems Humanity destroyers of planets in life

  4. A specific future doesn't exist.. What we do now @ present becomes the Future and the past for us when we r in that future!

  5. And let's just say you could travel through time… how would you be sure you would end up on earth and not in a space somewhere floating in the dark.? Because the last time I checked were on a rock falling around the sun and the sun is moving through the galaxy and the galaxy itself is moving through space?

  6. Time is simply states of change you would have to undo all states of change throughout the universe which is only possible in a simulated state, say a computer program.

  7. If time travel ever were to exist we would have already known about it because people would have travelled back in time to our age.

  8. It is simple to prove that time travel does not exist, no need for any background in theoretical physics.

    If time travel was possible than someone from the future (like in movie terminator) would already have travelled back in time to our present and told us about it.

  9. time is relative….my body got 4 minutes older setting here…but my mind was outside of this dimension listening to this video so i didn't notice my body getting older until i came back…….stupid people

  10. In conclusion time travel Andy traditional sense not going to happen but someone could theoretically rearrange our reality and it would feel like time travel to us…. Oh crap what about my consciousness though!!! More information is needed LOL

  11. But honestly time travel to the Future can be done a few different ways you can slow down time relative to you, you can go to the past rearranging all the particles like I mentioned before then alter something pull yourself out of the equation via slowing down time relative to you then re-enter after a period Of time and see how your change affected how the particles in naturally reacted in the time u we're gone. Again I'm not saying any of this stuff is possible with our technology but theoretically it can be done relative to us… Obviously there has been studies proving that some particles only flow one direction and that's forward through time I cant remember the woman's name but she proved that. she was some Asian lady I think got a Nobel prize in science…

  12. As for traveling to the Future… I do that every weekend when I start drinking… Wake up Sunday morning like holy s*** I time traveled because I can't remember anything from Friday or Saturday LOL

  13. "time travel" Indy literal sense probably not possible… But if you have the technology to control every particle in the universe you could theoretically turn back the clock by simply arranging them in the order they were in in a different moment in Time. Obviously this would require technology of a "god" and by no means am I saying we can do it but I think it's the only way to "go back in time"

  14. Some nucleae have pear form so time travell is imposible.Ok thank you, I will use this argument with my wife. "im sorry I couldnt bring milk from supermarket because… some nucleae are pearformed"

  15. the nucleus of all atoms doesnt look like that, and also the electron field around them isnt shaped like that either. that 1950s ass model has been known to be inaccurate since like forever

  16. ohhh man! i was just about to test my time machine. oh well! who wants a time machine for free lol

  17. Scientist 1 thing they don't really understand, boom it could be the answer to everything they don't know

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