WORLD'S PARADISES in 4K (Part II) Nature Relaxation™ Journey 2 w Music for Therapeutic Stress Relief

WORLD'S PARADISES in 4K (Part II) Nature Relaxation™ Journey 2 w Music for Therapeutic Stress Relief

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  1. En mi pais, todos estos paisajes son gratis, son naturales ….y no tren demasiadas etiquetas ni comerciales

  2. David, if people only knew what you spend on gear, they wouldn't complain about the ADS! Let alone a plane ticket to some of these places, other gear, a pack mule lol, I can't imagine. Thanks for all you do. I realize how hard making videos are, responding to messages, blocking trolls and spammers, and endless emails regarding the YouTube videos or certain things I do on camera. I'm a YouTube Dude too ha! I've also been a TV producer for over 23 years, and I am not afraid to admit that your work is quality and I wish I could be right there taking shots with you. Oh hey! Today I just did my first 8K video. You know I didn't think there would hardly be any difference taking an MP4 drone shot from a DJI Mavic Air, by up-scaling a 4K video to 8K, and then down-scaling back to 4K… But there is a huge difference! In all reality terms, it shouldn't because of the resolution factor couldn't get cleaner by pushing it up. Well, I found out that it does make a huge difference in overall clarity, coloring, softness in gradients I start to see bleeds and digital tiles, the background was a ton more clear and crisp. I was blown away!! I was left scratching my head because I was sure people would tell me it's just a waste of time. That's what I thought too.

    My take of what takes place when up-scaling to 8K happens first in the information from the original 4K file. I believe that there is more information on the video file that can 't all be shown with 4K because 4K is the max resolution. While taking my MP4 file and laying it out like a colorful blanket across a table, you know it's gonna need to be stretched to fit. So when the information is morphed out it gets more and more blurry. Do to the advances in cameras and color balances, I believe there's possibly more color and pixel data that gets lost in just a 4K timeline.

    Sorry so long!

    So after I stated adding just a little color to the mix, it all became very apparent this is super awesome. After stretching that video apart, the Premiere Pro NLE fills it in with true 8K coloring from the 8K sequence timeline. I found that ProRes 422 HQ was the bomb at producing some really amazing results while keeping the sequence running fast. At first, I was getting really slow lag times and I have a new rocking fast PC. But I was like… "It is 8K." But then I saw this guy online that said if you take the Apple ProRes 422HQ or the Apple ProRes4444 codecs and start a new sequence with that codec, you can even scale up the previews to full 8K glorified glory of glories… It just rocks! So in the sequence area at the top, (editing mode) to custom… (Timebase) I selected: 59.94 even though my 4K clips are 29.97. I went with a 8:3 format because I could, haha and i love that ultra-widescreen look. And video frame size: 8000 x 3000 . Pixel aspect ratio: Square Pixels (1.0) (progressive scan) Display format: 59.94 fps drop-frame… Audio at: 48,000…. THEN to the previews!! Here's where it got a whole lotta awesome for me…Set the preview codec to Apple ProRes 422HQ and the size of preview to the full extent at 8000 x 3000. (Make sure to turn the lock frame symbol off)…Maximum bit depth, Maximum render quality are both checked yes. The guy mentioned on his tutorial that you shouldn't use the Composite Linear Color button checked if you have lots of animations or video even with lots of bold colors, because it scans the screen at a linear rate and can cause blocky color losses. I have found that on most videos it is better checked because it really makes a difference in the outlines of details us outdoor guys like. It's very crisp.

    He said the best part is when time to render you click "Match Sequence Settings" for the format up top… and "Match Source" in the codec column. Check the box "Use Previews" too. And then by having those exact thing checked, he mentioned that the NLE is able to to read Apple's Codec very quickly and render times can be cut way down. And they sure were! I never knew that! And it's a MASSIVE time saver. I was having to wait 9-10 seconds for the huge 8K files to just read whenever I moved my cursor in any direction. After that, it's super fast with only lags at the "red colored" render areas. If it does chunk up on you after awhile… I went in the sequence settings and unchecked the 3 boxes at the bottom, and simply clicked them back on. You will get a warning of the render files will be dumped and that is what you want!

    Once you head back to the timeline, you'll see the glitch that happens when it dumps and then it got fast again.

    You might already KNOW all this! LOL!! I will try and get you a view of the videos I did and what settings I use to create them. I am very pleased.

    Keep inspiring people and don't stop! Thanks

  3. it fills me with emotions to see these mejestuosities of creation, this channel is appreciated , I love this jobs.
    Me llena de emociones ver estas mejestuosidades de la creación, este canal es apreciado, me encantan estos trabajos.

  4. Another really WONDERFUL nature video!
    ….,however it is again a bit spoiled by The nature application app. These and the Logo's that you consistantly place in your vidos really detracts the eye and lowers the enjoyment value. If you could perhaps limit yourself to showing these only at the beginning and/or end of the video. This one at least has some breaks without ads or logo's distracting the viewer 🙂

  5. This video is so beautiful that even the adds at the bottom of the screen do nothing to diminish its splendor. It makes me think of God’s glory and brings me instantaneous peace.
    Thank you.

  6. It's been a year since i found this video on YouTube ,,, since then, it's like a cure for me
    Thank you for the wounderful nature video and the beautiful background music.
    I have beautiful memories with this video, everytime i hear it i go back to my beautiful relaxing place (in my mind)
    Thank you soooooooooooooooo much specialy for this video
    43:31 my favourite part

  7. I recommend to viewers, turn off the (music) here. Keep the visuals, then open another separate video window on google with some (symphonic masterpiece) (Japanese Shakuhachi flute), (Gregorian chants from Assisi), or (Tibetan Buddhist chants, bowls) etc, meditation music that "you like". Keep that music video running behind this one. Sound off on this one, and sound on the other. Music is "ok", but not cutting it. A bit to "new agey" for me. Nice pics though, thanks for the healing.

  8. This is reported to be relaxing, but there are so many adds and pop up,s there is no way you can or even see the beautiful scenery without interuption. peaceful ??

  9. I'm not a preachy, or religious guy, at least not in the traditional sense, but when I go to places like this, and i'm by myself, all I can do is fall to my knees, and thank the stars for such sacred magnificence. I kneel there in gratitude, anointing myself with the crystal water, and melding with the universe. Sounds crazy, but that;s the way it hits me. It's so beautiful sometimes i'm reduced to a puddle of jello in surrender.

  10. ~ Какая чувственно-глубокая музыка !!! …- завораживает ~ ✋ 😊 💒 😉 ✌ 👍 🏁 **

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