(light holiday music) – Hi, guys, it’s Audrey,
and I’m here with– – Jordan, from JustJordon33. – Today, we’re gonna be playing The Worst Christmas
Present Ever Challenge! So, we’ve done a few
of these videos before, and I will link them in
the description box below. Go check ’em out, they’re so much fun! So, we decided to do another
one, but for Christmas. So, we each made five presents that we wanna give to the other person, and it could be something that
we found around in our house, something that we made, anything, the other person
doesn’t know, though. And so, they’re gonna open it up and then reveal the worst present ever. So, let’s get started. Alright, rock-papers-scissors
to see who goes first. Ready, sweaty, gooey! Okay, do you wanna give me a present first or do you wanna get a present?
– I wanna get a present first. – Okay, you get to
choose from my presents. I’d like you to appreciate
that almost all of them is snowman-themed, except for
the one that you’re choosing. – Ooh! – That’s the first one, it’s an owl and… – Let’s see what’s inside!
– It’s a little bit broken, – so that makes it more
as the best present ever. (gagging) (laughing) – Ew! – It’s mints, what are you talking about, they’re peppermints! (screaming) – Get it off of me! (laughing) Get off of me! (laughing) (screaming) – They’re peppermints!
– You said that that’s – not so yummy. (laughing) – I sprayed it with the worst spray ever. (gagging) – Smell my hand. – My hands reek from spraying it. I’m glad you chose that one first, though, ’cause it’s freshly sprayed. (laughing) – Please move it out! Audrey, it’s so bad! – I know. Yeah, so all the peppermints smell like it because it was sprayed directly on them. So, what do you rate this present? – Zero, zero! – I’m winning! – That was horrible, wow. – Peppermints smell so good! – I can barely breathe right now. Wow. – So far, I’m doing great
with my worst presents. – You don’t get to choose because I’ve got a stocking for you. – Oh, we always open
up the stockings first. – Ta-dah! – Oh my gosh, this blanket is
somehow wet with the stench. – Ew. Open up the stocking! (squealing) Ew, what is it, Audrey? – Jordan gave me lovely
red M&M’s, my favorite. – Go ahead and taste ’em. – Oh, I already know what they taste like. – Taste ’em! – What’d you do?
– Taste it. – It’s the expired M&M’s.
– Yeah! (laughing) – These M&M’s do not taste good
because they’re a year-old. – They’re the
harvest-flavored expired M&M’s that do not taste good at all. – I mean, it smells bad
as the stinky spray. – But,
– But, – what’re you gonna do with that?
– Compared to all the M&M’s – that we have, if you were starving, I mean… – Really?
(laughing) – If I were starving, I
wouldn’t be in those mints. – This is the worst
flavor of M&M’s we have because it is old, and so
I’d probably rate this one a four. I mean, it’s not good, but
it’s not the worst, so. Four! Kay, pick one of my little snowmen! The big bonzo! – It’s really light. Woo! Hopefully, these don’t smell, too. (laughing) Ooh. Ta-dah! – It’s in a cute little box. (screaming) (laughing) It’s a worm! – This is so thoughtful, though! – You’re welcome. – You can actually make a ring with it. A little kid could actually have done this. Make a little ring, look! – So fashionable. – Okay! For that, you get a seven. (laughing) – This was a good gift.
– You want that for Christmas? – It’s a ring!
– I will re-wrap it. – I’ll re-wrap it for you for Christmas. – Okay, it’s a ring, I accept. Thanks. Now, you get to choose your next present. – The gold one’s speaking to me. (screaming) It’s grass! – Ooh! – I’m gonna keep this in the container ’cause it will get every, just kidding! – That’s not grass! – What is it? – Excuse me, this took a
long time to gather up. It’s all the dead hairs
off the Christmas tree. (laughing) – You chopped the Christmas tree? – No, I collected all the
dead hairs on the bottom. So, you get some dead hairs. – Yay? – The shiny box gives it away. – The shiny box is nice. – It makes it, like, ooh.
– Can I reuse this box? – Just kidding.
– Boxes don’t count! – Um. I say this one’s better
than your last one. So, I’ll go with a
three instead of a four. – Wow. Thanks. – ‘Cause I’d be more happy for the M&M’s than the Christmas tree hairs. – True. – Pick one of my snowmen! – This one, ooh, this is a heavy one! Ooh. – Name the snowman before you open it up. Gerald, kay. – Gerald. Gerald, don’t fail me now. (laughing) How thoughtful, you left me a dime? (laughing) – I didn’t know that was in there. – I got a dime, I got a little fake dime. Logan! Logan’s like, I want it. – Logan smells the spray. – Logan, you might wanna go now. (laughing) Kay, go on. Go on. I got a little play money dime! – Actually, that was not
meant to be in there, but this one was.
– This was. – Grinch water.
– Grinch water! – Oh, so it’s the water
that the Grinch drinks. Right? – I actually don’t know
where that water’s been from, and I just dyed it green, so. Do you like the little drawing on the top? It would not be a good bottle flip. – Bottle flipping! – No, because it’s not that full! It’s not empty enough to do it. – Empty some.
– You’ll never win. – You can’t get rid of
the precious Grinch water! – Oh wait, almost made it.
– Extracted from the (mumbles) – of Grinch land! – Oh. Oh, so close!
– They can’t even see it. – Oh, man. (gasping) Boom-shaka-laka! I hope you guys can see that. Okay, that just gave me so much pleasure! (laughing) – I feel like if I got green water, I’d be a little bit hesitant to drink it ’cause it’s just dye. – I wouldn’t drink it, but
I’d probably just be like, what is this? – What is this? – I caught that all three
times, that is skill, and I wasn’t even looking. (laughing) – That’s what you could do with the water, get your skills up in your reflexes. Reflexes. – I rate this a four because you could bottle– – You know I stained my fingers for that? – You guys, you can bottle
flip it, and that’s fun, too. And you can toss it around, reflexes exercises, but you have no clue what
is in this water, so, yeah. – Bye. I choose you, gingerbread house! – Ooh! I actually forgot what was in this one. Oh, yeah. Ooh!
– Snow? – Wait, did you actually get snow? And it melted or did you just get, you just got water.
(laughing) – Pretend it’s snow. – Pretend this is snow. Jordan gave me water snow with some grass and a leaf. You know, I think this
is actually very clever. I give you props for that. – Thanks. – 10 points for Gryffindor. – Yes! – You don’t want the points, though. You want the least amount
of points in this game. – Oh no! – I definitely would not
want this for Christmas. – It’s melted snow. Who doesn’t want that? – I’ll give it a one. (squealing) Just because you could
drink the water, still. Just kidding. – I was like, you’re gonna drink it? – If you were in dire need. – Okay, next one for me! This one, why are yours so heavy? What is this? Let’s see. This guy’s name is Bobarita. Oh, no. – I decorated it for you! – Oh, why? – You could plug it in, too! – It’s Therma’s little wooden log decorated as a Christmas tree. – Yeah, let’s plug it in! Ta-dah, I don’t know if you
can see it, but here it is! Ta-dah! That’s a Christmas tree log! – I don’t know how I feel about this. If I opened this up, just be like– – What?
– Thanks. – So, I’d probably rate it 2.8 5349. (laughing) – 3.1458. Pi.
– Yes. – Two to pi squared. So, whatever that is. – That’s lots. – Two to the pi squared
divided by five divided by two times one. – Times zero. (screaming) I got zero points, yay! – No, you got 2.89536. – It’s cute.
– I open this up, I’m like– – You know how long that took me to get off the little mini Christmas tree and then get it on that one?
– It looks so cute! – It looks so cute with the snowman, and then, I open it and I’m like, this is sad. (laughing) So, that’s why it deserves the two .3895, so. – Thank you very much.
– It keeps dropping lower. – First, point eight, then point three. – No, first one was zero, so. This one. (popping) Ow! – You broke it! You literally broke it! – Wow. I think I know what it is.
– You broke both of ’em! – I broke both, oh, I
broke the candy canes. – You broke two candy canes!
– Oh! – Smell it, you can smell it, I broke the wrapper.
– I know! – So, Jordan gave me
rotisserie chicken candy canes. I can actually smell now because I cracked it open by accident. – Ta-dah! – And we’ve tried these in our videos and they are not the best, so. – You know what time it is. – Yeah, time for you to eat one. – Audrey, it’s Christmas Day, you just got this lovely gift, you’re gonna offend me
if you don’t eat it. (screaming) (laughing) – My mouth tastes like chicken now! Yeah, this one does not taste good at all. The worst candy cane ever, but
I mean, if you were hungry. I give this one a two. – Woo! – Kay, it looks like
you get my last present. You saved the best one for last. – I thought this one
smelled, I was like, biz, no. Okay. (tissue paper crunching) It’s an iPhone!
– Not so fast. – It’s an iPhone! I got an iPhone, guys. – Open it up. – Stranger Things!
(laughing) It’s a good thing I can’t open it up. (screaming) (laughing) This is my Christmas face. – This is Jordan’s Christmas face meme! That was from two or three years ago that you did that, and I saved it on my phone. – Christmas face! – Oh wow. Hey, but on the plus side,
I get a free phone, so. – No! That’s not part of the deal! – I can start playing my Animal Crossing. – No! That’s not part of the deal. Only the Christmas face was. – Should have pointed it out. – So, what did you think of your meme? – Technically, you gave me an iPhone. (laughing) Based on the iPhone, I rate it a 10, but based on the meme, I rate it a– – You gotta think it was
a pretty clever idea. I was like, meme time. – Four. Four for the meme, 10 for the phone. – 14 points total.
– Yes. – Okay, I guess it’s time
to open up your last one! – Congratulations on
your last gift, Audrey. – Oh wow, you wrapped this
one extra special for me. – Yes, I did.
– Oh, wow! – You made it really wrapped.
– I hope you enjoy this one. – There’s gonna be nothing in it. You did this last time,
the gift of nothing! Oh my, you really saved the best for last. She gave me this tiny one. – That’s actually two layers, but I’m pretty sure you’re
gonna see it as one. (laughing) – Is there anything in here, or is it a rock? – Oh, there’s something in there. – Does it smell?
– No. – You won’t tell me the
truth until I open it. Let’s see, oh my gosh,
you made it so tiny! – Yes. (squealing) (laughing) – Ooh, ooh, never (mumbles).
– Ew, what’s it covered in? – Good question. Aunt Becky’s soup. (laughing) – I don’t believe in Christmas. I can’t hear the bell. – It doesn’t ring! (laughing) That’s part of the reason
why I gave it to you. – Okay, there’s stuff in this jingle bell that makes it not ring. – So, it’s filled with slime,
it doesn’t work anymore. – I’d say garbage. – It’s like Carol of the Bells. – Doot-doot-doot-doot, doot-doot-doot-doot doot-doot-doot-doot, doot-doot-doot-doot.
– I rate that one a zero. (screaming)
– Because it’s pointless. I’d just throw it away. – Christmas time! – So, comment down below who you think won this overall challenge, and what was the worst present that we opened up today. Let us know in the comments!
– You had some. – You had some pretty creative ones, I have to give it to ya. I kind of graded you harshly. I gave you pretty high numbers. – My favorite one was your snow. – I’d say my favorite one was, well, I think the worst
one that you gave me was the very first one. That one was horrible. – You picked the right one, I was like, yes!
– I was like, no way! – I can’t even describe to you the stink of that little present. – Oh my gosh, yeah. If we had smell-a-vision, you
guys would be running away. – I can smell it right now. It’s horrible.
– Me, too. – It’s permanently stained in my fingers. Alright, so that’s it for today. We’re gonna go, so we can
get rid of this weird smell, but subscribe if you haven’t already. Turn it from red to gray and hit the bell icon. We’ll see you guys next time. Bye!
– Bye! (dramatic orchestral music) – Give it a little jingle? Give this girl a jingle! Yeah, click the bell to
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