Wrangling Data with Pandas (AI Adventures)

Wrangling Data with Pandas (AI Adventures)

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  1. thanks Guo, i am interested in Machine Learning but i have no skills to get started. i want advise from you on how well i can start

  2. In Hops Hadoop, we support Conda. Projects in Hops have their own conda environment – installed at all hosts in the system. It's the only Hadoop platform with this type of fine-grained python support.

  3. I am watching this in the afternoon after eating lots of rice. I should be sleeping by now, but surprisingly, I am not. 😀 Great video Gufeng. Keep them coming. 😀

  4. @YufengG – awesome series you have done here: substantive, with solid lessons progression; and your teaching style and delivery makes these topics accessible to everyone. Thank you!

  5. Great explanation indeed but @ 4:07 it's "petal" not "pedal". Petal is actually the corolla of a flower, which is modified and typically coloured whereas "pedal" is associated with bicycles. Thus "pedal_len", "pedal_width" should have been "petal_len" and "petal_width". #TypoError

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