ZIPLINE | 1 km long ride [Zemplén Adventure Park]

ZIPLINE | 1 km long ride [Zemplén Adventure Park]

so the thing is I tried ziplining no big deal almost exciting and that wasn’t scared
not at all welcome to being a real balla so this is the view not bad eh not bad
at all so we visited this beautiful place
called Zempéln Adventure Park great place open All Seasons they have
bobsled, snow tube, skiing, snowboarding wall climbing, rope courses they have a
chairlift and a cable-way up to a massive lookout tower and the reason I
was there a 1 kilometer long zip line called the hawk well actually there are two lines so it’s the Hawks
yeah I had this I had this false misconception that I could be a bird of
prey for a short time but as I was exposed to the whims of nature and the
huge air blow turned me left all I can think of was I wonder how strong my
harness is so this is actually my first zip lining and I’m pretty sure that I did
a little bit overkill as you can see I was coming down from that place pretty
neat huh sure I did overkill that’s like 101 how to expand your comfort zone okay
guys I’m gonna be honest with you I’m a bit
nervous it’s gonna be my first zip lining control staff said that’s 80 km/h and
about one km long so wish me luck I didn’t think this through, really didn’t guys this was awesome
this is awesome 80 km/h is definitely fast otherwise it’s very fun
I recommend it just to do it guys and our flying hero without the cape got back
home safely and lives happily after to share the story that’s it guys thank you
for watching drop a like smash a subbie and if you
liked this video give me a high five

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